Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 31, 2010 on NBC

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  • This episode is why I started watching Persons Unknown in the first place.

    Spoilers ahead. I loved this episode, it's a great psychological episode. First, it needs to be said and then will never be said again (by me, anyway), that they went with the Matrix-analogy, instead of the Lost-analogy I feared. This is much better. The question remains; are they really inside a town, or hooked to machines like the one Joe woke up on. Janet did trash the bathroom pretty thoroughly. But then again, why would they need secret doors in the elevator shaft or equipment - although even Joe's friend said that they were being watched.
    But back to the episode at hand; I loved this. The way such a place messes with your mind. I thought Joe's background story was great; him being a priest in such a country gives much more depth to him and still makes it believable he was once that person. Emphasis on once, because you can definitely see the difference. The fragment in which he shot the man, as Janet didn't do with him, was mindblowing.
    When Joe woke up in the sterile environment, I immediately thought about Tori. They can apparently do anything they want there, why not fake a death? It is to be decided if she's really there, but she appears without the fuzzy camera-effect he has in his dreams and memories, so I'm gonna go with the idea that she is indeed still alive. And it doesn't surprise me; she is her father's daughter anyway.
    Bill Blackham finally breaking down was another great storyline. We have seen in previous episodes that he thinks himself all that, but is in fact nothing much in the outside world. Him finally admitting to that made him more likable.
    Also the next step taken in the Moira-Graham connection felt very natural. I just need to get one thing off my chest; I really, truly dislike Erika. There is nothing about her that appeals to me. She is rude, egotistical, obsessed and just plain mean.

    I loved this episode, it really is everything I wanted in Persons Unknown since I first started watching it. Since there doesn't seem to be another episode airing next week, great cliffhanger for next season also. What did you think?