Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 11

Seven Sacrifices

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • This episode delivered!

    What I love about Persons Unknown is that, even though there are certainly a few kinks to work out when renewed, it delivers. Last episode I was questioning why things never got past using/distrusting Joe. And I also questioned why the big suits didn't think the town was compromised yet. It looked quite compromised in my eyes. This episode thus delivered!
    Janet decided to seduce Liam, and I think she did feel an attraction to him, before he told her about the burning of the other kidnapped when he was himself in her shoes. Why does he think she would understand? Joe probably would, but Janet? She couldn't even kill a complete stranger when Joe still was that for her.
    What happened accordingly, is that Bill really did consider turning - the one of whom you would suspect such a thing. But he did listen to reason, and that is what I like about Bill. He is a man easy to dislike, but he has some good in him that keeps showing through. Ofcourse, no one is truly evil/mad/stupid. We all have multiple layers. Charlie Morse is a man whom I would describe as having morals, but in some past cases there is clearly a lack of them and I can't decide whether he is trustworthy or not.
    And that is the point for everyone this episode; who to trust? Who turns? Is the one talking to Liam the one to distrust? It was bound to happen ofcourse.
    I love, on a sidenote, the performance of Liam. The nice demeanor, al the while knowing that he will turn on you and bite you as soon as he gets the chance. And still, when talking to Janet in the gazebo, or watching their kiss, you can surely see something very vulnerable and turnable in that man.
    I still don't see why Janet gets to have all the fun, but I don't begrudge it either, as long as she is a bit more edgy than she is now. The deliberate seduction was fun to watch. Ofcourse Tori tried it with the night manager, but he couldn't be swayed so easily. That one of the higer ups can be, is an interesting take.
    I am starting to like Erika. She showed vulnerabiity (that seems to be the defining way the writers choose to administer finishing touches for their characters) in the story behind the tattoo. Since Janet had a shocked look on her face, the real name of Erika seemingly meant something to her. Maybe it's just my imagination, but there must be a meaning behind the changing of the name that will become significant. Persons Unknown is the kind of show to lay out these plotlines. There was a lack of Moira/Graham-storyline in this episode. Although you can't do everything within the time limit, they usually juggle storylines pretty well, so I was a bit disappointed they didn't do it here. But to be truthful, I don't have much to discuss in case of dislikes. I asked, they delivered. It wasn't a climactic episode, but good and climax don't always have to go hand in hand ofcourse. And right at the end, the town is getting flushed. I can't wait to see what happens! Do they do it outright? Or is there another twist? Or maybe just a speedup of the endresult? It is clear that Liam was the last one standing and he is in the program. Is that their objective all along? When thinking back on it, I couldn't remember the "survivors" ever saying they were in the program (on level 1, as the kidnapped) together with one of the others still there. On the other hand, we know - or can reasonably assume - that Tori is still alive. I can't wait for the next episode!
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