Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 13

Shadows in the Cave

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 28, 2010 on NBC

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  • Great ending

    It was a good ening to a great show, too bad it got cancelled when crap like the crawling dead gets renewed.
  • What an ending (but then again, I'm literally only speaking of the last minutes)!

    This episode starts very promising with a great opening scene of Janet hallucinating about Joe before utterly collapsing, and then the flashback. I also loved it when Bill and Charlie raced past Mark and Kat without stopping. It also throws random questions at us, such as: Is Janet in a real hospital or one owned by the Program? Why do Erika and Moira seem to be in an entirely different country - and we know they are watched. Are they all getting out alive, or none? Are they eliminated or thrown back into the town?
    And also, I'm really just noticing this now - why does Mark have two last names? Cooper and Renbe?
    Since I have no speculations on that subject, I'm moving on to "them", who look spectacularly strange and interesting as Ellen defends herself. And who loved it when she called Janet's mom of all people! That is just absolutely horrible, although I should have known no one is to be trusted in this series. But even though you know, we always could when it was about the people inside the town. They didn't know anything or, in Joe's case, couldn't do anything with their knowledge.
    This episode is about cleaning up, as they also grab Kat and ambassador Fairchild. The last one is an interesting addition. No one is safe, not even those who have left the program. We knew they were still under scrutiny, but I assumed it a less hands-on approach, I think.
    I love the Bill/Charlie-connection. They are such opposites of each other, and yet they understand the other one completely. They have become friends and stayed friends. But Bill knowing Charlotte's name is a twist. One obviously layed in place for next season!
    And in the last ten minutes before the end, Janet woke up in the g***mned town! As did Joe, right back at the start. Literally, as if everything had resetted itself. The key in the bible, everything. That, I think, is absolutely a great move. And they put Mark in as well! Joe fell so easily back into his old habit of pretending not to know who he was or where, just as he had done with Janet. So maybe it wasn't just the second time around for him. Maybe he's doing this all the time. It accounts for his opening statement of them getting out of ideas.
    How cool is it that Joe and Mark are in another town, away from the others? But why have the others been placed together again? What can be the reason for this? Are they so meticulously paired up that they won't deviate even now that they all have the knowledge? But then again, without Joe they don't have any hands on knowledge. Victoria being the night manager is a move also yet to be explored. And at the absolute end, we find out why the old group has been kept together; together at level 2. On a ship no less (or is it? Since it seems a bit hard to place that entire corridor inside a ship, but then again, possible).
    So that poses the final questions; why Mark and not Kat? What happened to her and ambassador Fairchild? I assume the breaking out of the town was the final experiment. Are there often more than one left standing? If it was all a test, then it doesn't really matter if they kill each other off or not, but just the mostly played out scenario. Still the thing with the headphones last episode was insane, but okay. Why is Joe still at level 1? Is he part of the program in a way we still don't know, or is he just not able to pass the first level? I don't think it's the last, but what other explanations are out there?
    So to sum it all up (and it has been a bit of a weird review, since I'm writing it as I'm watching it): how cool were the last ten minutes of the episode?! The rest of it was alright, but the ending truly surprised me in some ways. I am looking forward to next season. Hopefully starting with a strong episode, because they do need one. This one hangs on the last part of it.
  • whoa .... too many questions, not enough answers

    The only reason I watched this series at all was because of Jason Wiles. As much as I tried to tell myself that I didn't like it, I kept watching. The last episode completely tripped me up however ... or at least the last few minute did. I have so many questions and no answers. I even found myself wondering about it at work. The finale ranked 4th best last week, so I'm just going to assume that it's been renewed for next summer. If not, I guess I'll have to get my answers in fan fiction land.