Persons Unknown

Season 1 Episode 2

The Edge

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 14, 2010 on NBC

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  • The show continues to be intriguing but it's losing some of it's spark that it had in the first episode.

    Let me start off by saying that I dislike all of the characters, not one character is likable so far, and I'm not even going to start about the acting. That was one of the flaws in this episode. The show still keeps me guessing and it remains a mystery which is why I will keep watching, I just really hope this show continues to be realistic. The sense of being afriad when you're watching a horror movie or a show like this is the fear of it actually happening to you. But can you honestly say you are afraid of the Boogeyman, a fictional character from a movie or book? When I first started watching this show, I wasn't expect sci-fi. Like I said in my first review of this show, lets hope this show continues being good. But the characters just seem so unrealistic, the things that they say, the things that they do. You can't help but question their judgment. A few unintentionally funny scenes in this episode, which I wouldn't say would be a good thing. Although this episode did own up to it's cliffhanger, it was resolved in this episode, Janet did not end up killing Joe. And Janet's ex-husband might be a part of it, and the concierge continues to be a huge question mark. I don't think Tori is on to anything expecting her father to be the one that has kidnapped them. When they were finally free, and were going in to the white light, I suspected "Great, a sci-fi" (in sarcastic tone) Hopefully it finds it's way back to reality.

    Not a great episode too keep me watching this show, but like I said, this show continues to be intriguing.
  • 102

    Persons Unknown aired its second episode tonight and it very well could have been the last time I tune in. The show just feels like a poor attempt to create a Twilight Zone, and makes no sense whatsoever. These characters behave like no one I have ever come across and are not likable in the least bit. I am not rooting for them to escape, in fact I hope none of them ever get out.

    Last week's show was virtually unwatched, and I expect this week's ratings to dip even lower. You just cannot pass this off as good TV, even on NBC.
  • did you notice that the guy with the umbrella had no wounds on his face from getting bitten up the day before?

    this is a weird story. maybe if they had been truly alone, no Chinese cooks and that receptionist, it would be more believable. if i were a scared, angry, and desperate prisoner in this stupid place i would stick like glue on those people. Even if they don't tell me anything I would have forced them to take me with them or at least tell me something, anything useful. i didn't get the white light. Maybe it has some hypnotic properties and by the time they awakened somebody had already took them back.
    it's too early to tell if it's going to be good or bad but hope dies last so i'll wait and see
  • This show just got a whole lot sillier (spoilers)

    Silly and nonsensical would be my choice of words to explain this rather odd episode, which also had its share of interesting moments. I would've liked to see more character development but the writers seem to be not so keen on that. The characters have appeared dull, and bizarrely dumb so far. Nobody's asking the most obvious questions: Who is inside the hotel making changes to their rooms? Is it the hotel manager, and why nothing happened to him when he ran through the "hot zone"? Also, they haven't even explored any buildings in the town except a few. also, how their "escape" was prevented at the end seemed liked a cop-out if anything.

    Apart from these obvious problems, the episode was still somewhat enjoyable because its well directed. There's an interesting chemistry developing between a few of the characters. It will really depend on the next installment to see if the show really has any merit.