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Pet Alien

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Welcome to the Pet Alien Guide at!

Show Description This series is about a young teenage boy named, Tommy Cadle who loves to hang out with his Pet Alien pals. It's a great series. Watch it! Imagine that you're an alien from outer space. You've left behind your boring, conformist dimension known as Conforma and traveled across time, space and other dimensions to arrive at planet earth, and then land in a little out-of-the-way seaside town called DeSpray Bay. More specifically, Tommy Cadle's lighthouse hideaway. That's right! Pet Aliens have crashed into the top of the lighthouse tower and made themselves at home. Unfortunately, the earth boy living there was none-too-keen on this house invasion. When Tommy woke to be greeted by a big, slobbering Gumpers, he did what any kid would do when faced with being devoured by a pink, fuzzy, lovable alien: he ran and fell off the top of his lighthouse! It looked like this was going to be a very short TV series. And then, Dinko to the rescue! The little green fellow raced down the side of the lighthouse and caught Tommy before he became a "Cadle pancake". Thus, a friendship was born – and we're not talking about the one between Swanky and himself. A special bond formed between human and a Pet Alien; sentimental and emotional attachment that remains solid, even if one can sometimes drive the other crazy.

Character Guide Tommy Cadle - Tommy Cadle is an average thirteen-year old boy who one day met alien pals. Tommy Cadle had a boring life before the aliens came. Now his life's crazy and he experiences more adventures than ever. Tommy likes to draw and express his feelings in different ways. Tommy is the main character in this animated series.

Dinko - Dinko brought a long all of these aliens to earth. Dinko is the leader of the alien gang as he helps out Tommy and his other pals. Dinko gives Tommy an adventure to his life. Without him, this series would be nothing. Dinko is one of the main stars of this series. You can't take this alien out of the series.

Gumpers - Gumpers is the big, lovable alien who does nothing but being very lazy. Gumpers is a lot like a monster, the only problem is, Gumpers is afraid of monsters. Well, actually Gumpers is afraid of everything and that's how it's going to be in the lighthouse for a while.

Flip - Flip is crazy and wild. His name, "Flip" describes a lot of his wacky personality. Flip's to hyper to even speak. Flip speaks altogether and it's extremely hard to tell what he is saying. To translate what Flip is saying, you better call up your Spanish teacher.

Swanky - Swanky is a pain in the butt. Swanky was brought up by getting everything that he wants. This makes Swanky a nerve and puts him in the "boring" character in this series. Swanky's usually found trying to take over the lighthouse for himself. He doesn't really like the other aliens, but he gets around it somehow.

Scruffy - Scruffy is the mega happy dog of your dreams. Well, he's not really a dog, he's an alien. Scruffy tagged along with the aliens because he was stranded by his owner, who we do not know. Scruffy loves to be scratched behind the ear and do all the stuff regular human-like dogs do. Without Scruffy this series would be a blur.moreless
Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler

Dinko / Flip / Cap'n Sprangley

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Gabby / Melba Manners / Tommy's Mother / Tommy's Teacher

Jess Harnell

Jess Harnell

Gumpers / Swanky / Granville

Charlie Schlatter

Charlie Schlatter

Tommy Cadle / Clinton / Tommy's Classmates

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  • Good thing this atrocity has ended.

    It's really bad that it made me agitated for hours.

    Plot: An alien crashed through his house. He's treating them as pets. They make bad annoying stuff around, and that's all.

    Characters: Annoying, a little poor designed. most of them are source of annoyance for me. They also copied some designs from Jimmy Neutron.

    Humor: This is the one that gives the irritating plague, they suck that I can't even understand them.

    Art: They stole some designs from Jimmy Neutron. That doesn't qualify as a good character art.

    Overall: 0.0, this show irritated and dragged me. I did scratch my wounds a lot when watching this. Really annoys me. Worst as Fanboy and Chum Chum, except I'm aware from receiving that kind of outburst again that I evaded from that show.

  • I can't even remember this show. What was it about again?

    That's how bad it was. On my birthday in 2005, this show ended and--I couldn't remember any of it. Not that I wanted to, but it was lame from the start and possibly the first (next to Butt Ugly Martians, which wasn't half bad) show to skyrocket the ripoff Alien-crashland story phase again. I barely can remember it, so I have nothing to back up this review, but please, don't criticize me for it...I have a short memory span when it comes to remembering things...

    "I'm afraid I can't put it more clearly," Alice replied, very politely, "for I can't understand it myself, to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing."

    -Alice in Wonderlandmoreless
  • Send these aliens back to space

    CN's Pet Alien is basically the equivalent of Nickelodeon's Butt Ugly Martians, and you know that is not a good thing at all. In Pet Alien it is about a boy named Tommy, who one day finds a group of aliens and make them his pets. They all live in this lighthouse and have adventures involving other space aliens and the aliens having to get used to Earth life. So not only is the premise somewhat like BUM, it has to also be very generic in every way. The characters on this show are flatter than a piece of paper. Tommy comes off as very annoying. The aliens themselves are the worst and have uninspired personalities to them. One is a troublemaker, another is smart, one is always hungry, there is one who is always hyper, and a dog like alien. Even the villains and side characters in this show are bland and have no personalities to them. The villain is a disgrace and not threatening in the least bit. His greatest weakness is Musical Chairs of all things. I wish I was making this up. The cartoon is another CGI cartoon, and while I have seen worst, it still looks awful. The characters have terrible designs, the sets are uninteresting and are way too colorful, and the animation for the CGI is very stiff. The plots are weak, but some of them are OK and are passable, but at least there is some creativity to them even if there was very little to them. The humor in this show is wretched. They try to do gags or jokes that come off awkward and are really stupid, and I never smirked or even had a funny thought when I saw this show. I can gladly say the only good thing in this show was that it lasted only 38 episodes before getting the ax. If you want a show about an alien invading Earth and dealing with Earth, go see Invader Zim instead.moreless
  • Pet Alien is Easily one of the worst cartoons ever made on Cartoon network and it's failed miserably by a Poor animation company, TAFFY Entertainment. This cartoon Sucks... Badly!!

    My 79th review after an AWFUL Spin-off of a Girl's toyline, Bratz.

    This cartoon is such a Disgrace to CGI Animation. It's about some stupid 13 year old boy that has misadventures with a Bunch of Brainless Alien Characters. I nearly therw up all over my TV like 5 times and it has Terrible CGI Animation. The Quatily is so bad it's like you're watching a Horrible cartoon from the 1990's!!!! Another reason why this cartoon sucks is because none of the idiots are funny! Fairly Oddparents, Spongebob Squarepants and Donkey Kong Country have Funny Idiots! I don't give a *beep* what any says that they like this show. Pet Alien Sucks! This cartoon can kiss my Hairy Butt! This cartoon Does not Deserve another season. It should Permanently Be off the air and put it on other Unpopular channels and blocks like Spike TV, Discovery Kids, Nick Jr, or even Tickle U! We are not watching this Alien Garbage! It smells 10 times worse then a Goat's Rear! This show gets an E-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: C+ 6.5/10.0 Average and Solid Voice-acting. There's one good thing about this cartoon.

    Animation: F-- 1.5/10.0 The true reason why this CGI cartoon failed. It was terribly drawn with Ugly Characters, Hideous Backgrounds, Horrible Textures and Layers and Abysmal Layouts!

    Graphics: F-- 1.5/10.0 The Graphics are in Terrible Quatily and in a Very Dark theme. It's like you're watching a Horrible 1990's CGI Cartoon!!!

    Sound: F- 2.2/10.0 Horrible Accrodan Music with Ugly Sound effect. Accrodan's Make the worse music EVER!!! Dialouge: E+ 3.0/10.0 Ugly, Annoying, Repetitive, and Horribly Written.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 1.0/10.0 Umm... Hang on I'm still working on the Answer.... I got it now! Well... No. There is none.

    Overall: E- 3.0/10.0 One of the Worst cartoons I ever seen in my Life. These people that worked for TAFFY Entertainment and made the show must have been Out of their minds! Come on now. Even Nelvana can do so much better then this. Nelvana must teach TAFFY Entertainment how to do BETTER CGI Animations with better Textures, Layers and Layouts. Nelvana can do better with Computer Animation so try again TAFFY Entertainment.moreless
  • A boy and his alien.

    It's about a kid named Tommy who meets these aliens and they become good friends. The writing sucks and the voices don't even match the characters and the CGI animation is ugly and the jokes are annoying I saw one episode and I didn't want to watch TV. This show is Lilo and Stitch meets Invader Zim in a bad way i'm supprised people like this. So I rate this a 1.8 out of 10 because this show makes Atomic Betty look more enjoyable which was another bad Science fiction animated series take them to Sci-Fi with Tripping The Rift which is canceled as well.moreless
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    Hey, I wanted to make some quotes of your reviews but i couldn't:cry: and I did the at my own style 8) *Starting*"The animation is...
  • hiiiiii pet alien's friends!
    Hello :P I'm Limonette, 12 years old, Spanish...8) This topic is reserved for Pet Alien's fans ^^ :D yay♥ And if you aren't yo...
  • This might be old...
    For those who actually like Pet Alien and live in the UK, tommorow/ June 5th 2007, Pet Alien will be airing on nicktoons at 4:00 P...

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