Pet Alien

Season 1 Episode 12

Attack of the 50 Foot Boy / It Came From the Closet

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Oh my.. oh dear.. what a terrible episode..

    This review also represennts my rating of the show, because this is the only episode i've seen. I can only review attack of the 50 foot boy because i havent seen the other episode. This episode involves the boy wanting to go on a ride, but he's too short. so the aliens help him. First of all, the voicework is DREADFUL. one of the aliens is mumbling so much, I cant even hear his voice! the lines. oh the dreadful lines! Not a single joke in there that wasn't ment for Gerald McBoingBoing. And then, the way the main character acts. When he grew to an enormus size, what does he do? He CRIES! Oh my god his voice sounds so annoying when he cries! It's like this: AHHEAHEAHEAHEA!!! WAHHEAHEAHEAHEAHEAHEA!! It's painful to watch, and listen to! Do not watch this show under any circumstances, or you will start crying yourself!