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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Evil That Thumbs Do
      When lightning strikes the lighthouse and switches Tommy's personality with Swanky, it takes all of Dinko's brain power to try to get lightning to strike again to reverse the effects!
    • I Was a Teenage Bearded Boy / Escape from Detention X
      I Was a Teenage Bearded Boy: Tommy gets what he's always wanted, facial hair! In this case, in tends to be a beard. Tommy is now not just a kid anymore, he's mature enough to be an adult with that beard. Tommy becomes popular and everyone notices him. He than goes to parties, dances, and other great stuff without his friends. But, one thing he's forgotten about his best friends, The Aliens. Escape from Detention X: Tommy gets in trouble in school and his snobby teacher gives him a detention. The Aliens begin to freak out when they find out that he must stay after school doing boring things such as: doing homework, erasing the chalkboard and other humiliating things.moreless
    • The Day That Wouldn't End
      After he has a bad day, Tommy is forced to relive it again and again until he turns it into a better day, or a less awful one.
    • The Amazing Atomic Tommy / The Crater of Doom
      The Amazing Atomic Tommy: The aliens think Tommy is a superhero. The aliens think that Tommy has never told anyone about his secret identity. The Crater of Doom: Tommy has always had embarassing pictures for School Picture Day. Tommy must make this picture the best of his life, until a pimple appears on his head the next day.moreless
    • The Great Movie Massacre / The Day That Wouldn't End
      The Great Movie Massacre: Tommy tries to make a movie about his home, the lighthouse. Tommy hopes that the movie will be a success. The Day That Wouldn't End: Tommy has a bad day and the aliens make an invention to stop bad days by repeating the day over.
    • Crater Of Doom
      Crater Of Doom
      Episode 4
      It's school picture day and Tommy has a big red pimple on his forehead. The aliens try to make it better, but succeed only in making it much, much worse.
    • She Comes for Your Heart / Beast Who Stole My Heart
      She Comes For Your Heart: Dinko finds out that Tommy's friend, Gabby is going to give her his heart. The Beast Who Stole My Heart: Granville's stuffed bird is a huge distraction to Tommy and Flip when Flip falls in love with Granville's fake bird.
    • Doctor Of Doom
      Doctor Of Doom
      Episode 5
      Tommy has to go to the doctor for his annual flu shot - he doesn't want to go, and the aliens offer a healthy alternative: a visit from their crazy alien Dr. Daffodil!
    • Sounds of Doom / Darkness
      Sounds of Doom: Tommy must take accordion lessons because his mom wants him involved in musical themes. Darkness: Tommy is afraid of the dark and Dinko doesn't want Tommy to be afraid of the dark so Dinko helps Tommy face his fears.
    • It Landed On The Porch
      Tommy competes with the other kids to deliver the most newspapers and win a big prize. But the other kids don't have Dinko and a spaceship full of aliens to help them.
    • The Boy with Six Legs / Evil Emperor
      The Boy With Six Legs: The aliens accidently lock Tommy out of the lighthouse thinking that Tommy is a misleaded crab. Evil Emperor: Melba Manners thinks Tommy is not mature enough so she leaves Tommy with the new, preschool neighbor.
    • It Comes When You Sleep
      The aliens are afraid that the Christmas spirit is contagious, so they secure the lighthouse to try to stop the horrible Santa invasion!
    • They Came from Outer Space / Tentacles of Terror
      They Came From Outer Space: Swanky's parents are coming to DeSpray Bay. Swanky needs to show his parents that he is a grown alien. Tentacles of Terror: Tommy gets the oppertunity to bring home the class pet, an octopus. Gumpers has aten the other class pets that Tommy has brought home before, but not this time.moreless
    • Night Of The Cat People
      The aliens adopt a cuddly, friendly kitty - a kitten who turns into a ferocious beast whenever Tommy leaves the room!
    • Bay of the Triffids / Doctor of Doom
      Bay of the Triffids: Dinko tries helping Tommy take care of his mother's plant, until Dinko accidently turns the plant into an alien-like monster. Doctor of Doom: Tommy's mother tells Tommy that he needs to get his flu shot today. Tommy doesn't want to go to the doctor's so the aliens come up with an idea.moreless
    • The Floating Head
      Three cheers for DeSpray Bay as Tommy is roped in to helping Melba build a float for the annual parade. Dinko fears that once the float is finished, it will take Tommy away forever!
    • The Bride of Gumpers / Thing on the Corner
      The Bride of Gumpers: Before Gumpers had came to Earth, he had a pre-selected wife. Can the gang help Gumpers turn into the husband of this young lady? The Thing on the Corner: Dinko turns obsessed with Tommy's mailbox. When the mailman comes the next day, Dinko takes the mail and hides it somewhere, thinking it's a trick.moreless
    • Bay Of The Triffids
      Dinko helps Tommy take care of his mother's prize-winning flowers, and inadvertently turns them into mindless, Earth-conquering monster plants!
    • Night of the Walking Cannonball / It Landed on the Porch
      Night of the Walking Cannonball: A movie celebrity pops into DeSpray Bay and Tommy and the aliens go to see him. It Landed on the Porch: It's a battle between Tommy and Melba Manners again - whoever can make the best newspaper will win the competition.
    • Box of Doom / Assault of a Rodent
      Box of Doom: The aliens find a locked box in Tommy's basement. The aliens say there's something awful about the box but Tommy doesn't believe them. Assault of a Rodent: A stink house mouse invades Tommy's house, eating all of the cheese. Gumpers must fight the mouse to get back his beloved desire, cheese.moreless
    • Attack of the 50 Foot Boy / It Came From the Closet
      Attack of the 50 Foot Boy: Tommy and the aliens go to the amusement park. Tommy cannot go on the new ride because he is not tall enough, it's up to the aliens to help. It Came From the Closet: Tommy has house chores to do and leaves the aliens to do vacuuming. The aliens suddenly freak out that the vacuum is a monster.moreless
    • Attack of the Werescruffy/Darkness
    • Invasion of the Balloon People / The Little Monster Ball
      Invasion of the Balloon People: It's time for the annual hot air balloon show, and the aliens believe they are visitors from another planet. The Little Monster Ball: Tommy gets invited to Granville's party, and the aliens come to save him from impending doom.
    • He Walks And Talks Like An Alien
      Tommy wants to win the DeSpray Bay MathOlympics and defeat his nemesis, Melba. Unfortunately, he stinks at Math. But Gumpers is a mathematical genius and Dinko owns a Conforma Brain Beanie that can transfer Gumpers' thoughts into Tommy's brain. Victory is only one question away!
    • Bad Blood from the Beyond / Terror TV
      Terror TV: Tommy and his alien friends go crazy when Tommy's TV suddenly breaks. They go to Captain Spangley's store, but it is closed. All Tommy wants to do is watch Taffy Patrol.
    • Him!
      Episode 16
      Dinko believes a scarecrow in Melba's yard is waiting for Tommy to come home from school. Falling into paranoia, Dinko does all he can to save his best friend from certain doom.
    • Terror TV / The Day That Time Stood Still
    • Curse Of The Frozen Tommy
      When Tommy stays up all night playing with his friends, he needs to take a quick nap to stay awake during school. Unfortunately, thanks to Dinko's help, Tommy's short nap lasts all day, forcing Dinko to find a way for Tommy to attend school by remote control!
    • Horror-Scope / Scare Affair
    • They Took Tommy's Brain
      Tommy's bumps his head and can't remember anything - who he is or who is best friend might be! Dinko's determined to teach Tommy how to be human again.
    • Stage Fright / Night of the Cat People
    • Horror-Scope / The Alien Who Sold the World
    • The Guest Who Wouldn't Leave... Ever
      The only way Tommy can become the local Taffimon battle card champion is if he gets an ultra rare Alpha Centaurian Black Hole Warlord card. Dinko goes one better, procuring a REAL Alpha Centaurian Black Hole Warlord, a former neighbor of theirs on Conforma who likes to bully Gumpers. But when the warlord, Bob, takes over the lighthouse, Gumpers finally stands up to his old nemesis, for Tommy's sake.moreless
    • Master Bakers!
      Master Bakers!
      Episode 20
      When Gumpers sees Gingerbread Man cookies for sale at the local bakery, he mistakenly believes the baker is turning real people into cookies. Gumpers "liberates" the cookies, but that's when the trouble starts as Gumpers must fight his urge to eat his tasty new friends.
    • Unleashed Beasts of Fury / The Floating Head
    • Horror-Scope
      Episode 21
      When Tommy's get a horrible fortune in his fortune cookie, Dinko and the aliens are determined to protect their friend.
    • The Boy Who Became Something / The Time That Time Ended
    • Stage Fright
      Stage Fright
      Episode 22
      Tommy is convinced he should stay far away from the school's talent show because he has no natural talent. That won't stop Dinko!
    • A Pirate and His Dog / The Boy Who Ate Too Much Taffy
    • The Little Monster Ball
      Granville's having a party and Tommy has to go, but Dinko's convinced that it's a trap to destroy Tommy.
    • Bad Blood From Beyond
      Dinko's evil identical cousin Danko comes to visit and steal away Dinko's best friend: Tommy!
    • The Day Of Judgment
      Swanky is chosen by Emperor Breet to be the ambassador to an alien world. Unfortunately, that means leaving Earth and his friends behind - and they couldn't be happier.
    • Invasion Of The Balloon People
      The aliens mistake helium balloons for alien dignitaries. When one of the balloons accidentally pops, they fear they've started a war!
    • Return Of The Ghastly Gobbler
      Believing that a turkey's wishbone really does have to power to grant him a wish, Dinko is determined to find a really good one, and not waste it by replacing the turkey!
    • I Voted For An Alien
      While Tommy tries to finish his deliveries for the local Taffy Shoppe, the aliens compete to see who will be chosen Alien Of The Year!
    • The Night Of Two Tommy's + 1
      When Tommy's too busy studying to play soccer with Dinko, he does the next best thing - he creates a duplicate Tommy by hotwiring a photocopier with extra power. And why stop there? If two Tommys is twice as much fun, how much fun that three Tommys be? Or four? Or even many, many more!moreless
    • Darkness
      Episode 32
      Dinko doesn't want his best friend Tommy to be afraid of the dark anymore, so he turns out the lights in the entire town and forces Tommy to confront his fears.
    • They Had An Aluminum Ticket
      Captain Spangley hides a special "aluminum ticket" in one of his taffy bars and the kid who finds it gets to go on a tour of his secret taffy factory. Tommy and Granville are at odds to see who can find the lone ticket and Dinko vows to do all he can to make sure the winner is Tommy.moreless
    • The Curse Of The Invisible Boy
      Embarrassed at school, Tommy wishes he was invisible. Unfortunately, he makes that wish in front of Dinko who makes Tommy's wish come true! Now Invisible Tommy gets more than he bargained for when he discovers he'll be invisible forever!
    • Remote Control Of Doom
      After Dinko alters Tommy's TV remote, the device is able to affect time as if it were a TV. Tommy tries to use the remote to win his school track meet, with comically tragic results
    • The Boy Who Cried "Waaah!"
      In an effort to freeze Tommy's age and make him young forever, Dinko accidentally turns Tommy into a baby.
    • The Cow Says Mooh
      The Cow Says Mooh
      Episode 37
      Dinko comes to believe that a toy of Tommy's is giving Dinko a secret, coded message. "The cow says, 'Moo!'" the toy keeps repeating. Dinko thinks the cow keeps saying "moo!" because it knows something about Tommy. Something bad...
    • The Lookalike Girl Of Evil
      Gabby's identical cousin Jabby is in town and Tommy will do anything to spend time with her, even bailing on his day with Dinko. But when Jabby doesn't want to spend time with Tommy, he needs Dinko's help to try to impress her.
    • The Thing On The Corner
      Dinko's friendship with the corner mailbox is jeopardized with the mailman comes to remove the mail (and an important letter of Tommy's)!
    • Assualt Of A Rodent
      Thanks to his desire to eat cheese, Gumpers has the worst indigestion of his life. But Tommy thinks the lighthouse has become infested with a big stinky mouse.
    • Escape From Detention X
      Fearing that Tommy's after school detention is too harsh, the aliens hatch a plan to break him out of his "educational prison."
    • Great Movie Massacre
      Tommy tries to make his own film about the history of the lighthouse, but Dinko and the aliens have other ideas about what makes a good movie.
    • They Came From Outer Space
      Swanky's parents are arriving any minute to check on his progress on Earth. But the only thing he's done so far is whine and complain.
    • I Was A Teenage Bearded Boy
      To make Tommy more cool at school, the aliens give him a bushy green beard. Now he's too popular for his own good and everyone has a bushy green beard!
    • The Box Of Doom
      The Box Of Doom
      Episode 45
      When the aliens find a locked box, they're convinced that it contains something completely horrible and nasty. Tommy thinks the box is perfectly harmless. Guess who's wrong!
    • Tentacles Of Terror
      Tommy gets to care for the class' pet octopus for the weekend - an octopus that the aliens think must be just as tasty as Tommy's other class pets.
    • Sounds Of Doom
      Sounds Of Doom
      Episode 47
      Forced to take accordion lessons, Tommy gets out of them by making a deal with Swanky, who's a natural on the horrible instrument.
    • Terror TV
      Terror TV
      Episode 48
      Gasp! The TV's broken! Oh no! The taffy store's closed! What will the aliens and Tommy do to fill their day?
    • Scout's Horror Clip
      Gumpers and Tommy join the DeSpray Bay Seagull Scouts and are taking into the forest by Spangley for a series of "scout tests," Gumpers causes trouble for everyone, but when the troop gets lost, Gumpers keen sense of smell leads them home.
  • Season 2