Pet Alien

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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  • Send these aliens back to space

    CN's Pet Alien is basically the equivalent of Nickelodeon's Butt Ugly Martians, and you know that is not a good thing at all. In Pet Alien it is about a boy named Tommy, who one day finds a group of aliens and make them his pets. They all live in this lighthouse and have adventures involving other space aliens and the aliens having to get used to Earth life. So not only is the premise somewhat like BUM, it has to also be very generic in every way. The characters on this show are flatter than a piece of paper. Tommy comes off as very annoying. The aliens themselves are the worst and have uninspired personalities to them. One is a troublemaker, another is smart, one is always hungry, there is one who is always hyper, and a dog like alien. Even the villains and side characters in this show are bland and have no personalities to them. The villain is a disgrace and not threatening in the least bit. His greatest weakness is Musical Chairs of all things. I wish I was making this up. The cartoon is another CGI cartoon, and while I have seen worst, it still looks awful. The characters have terrible designs, the sets are uninteresting and are way too colorful, and the animation for the CGI is very stiff. The plots are weak, but some of them are OK and are passable, but at least there is some creativity to them even if there was very little to them. The humor in this show is wretched. They try to do gags or jokes that come off awkward and are really stupid, and I never smirked or even had a funny thought when I saw this show. I can gladly say the only good thing in this show was that it lasted only 38 episodes before getting the ax. If you want a show about an alien invading Earth and dealing with Earth, go see Invader Zim instead.