Pet Alien - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2005)


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  • "Show #1 - When Tommy is too sick to work, Dinko fills in for him at the taffy shop with tragic results. Show #2 - Dinko\'s fear of thunder leads him to take up the world\'s weirdest security blanket--a 15 pound smoked ham. But when the ham begins to go bad, Tommy must help Dinko overcome his fears and his dependency.moreless
  • "Show #1 - When Swanky dares to eat his first potato chip, he goes from cranky to super-happy. Unfortunately, a happy Swanky is more annoying than a cranky one and Tommy and Dinko must figure out a way to bring back the original! Show #2 - When Flip stands still and hibernates, he\'s mistaken as a rare statue by both Spangley and Granville, who will stop at nothing to obtain him.moreless
  • "Show #1 - Dinko thinks Tommy of Earth\'s daily life is more fascinating than TV. So what could be better than recording everything Tommy does and broadcasting it to the entire town? Show #2 - When Dinko\'s face gets stuck after riding a rollercoaster, Spangley mistakes him for a monster and leads an angry mob to burn down the lighthouse.moreless
  • "Show #1 - Tommy and Dinko can\'t wait to try the new Taffy Blast smoothie from Captain Spangley\'s Taffy Shop. Unfortunately, Dinko drinks his too fast and gets a brain freeze - at inopportune times, Dinko changes from a monkey to a fish to a baby to a waiter and more. Show #2 - Gumpers and Tommy join the DeSpray Bay Seagull Scouts and are taken into the forest by Spangley for a series of scout tests.moreless
  • "Show #1 - Tommy is chosen to be entertainment director for the upcoming DeSpray Bay Festival. On Dinko\'s recommendation, Tommy books the Conforma singing duo, Shank & Dank, who turn out to be awful singers. Show #2 - Dr. Daffodil comes to DeSpray to open a medical practice, but when he falls ill, it\'s up to Tommy to nurse him back to health.moreless
  • "Show #1 - When the aliens find the lighthouse toilet guilty of ball swallowing, they banish it to outer space. Tommy disagrees with their verdict. He just drank a gigantic soda, and he needs that toilet back! Show #2 - After Dinko launches the lighthouse into orbit, Tommy gives him a cellphone to contact him directly in case of future emergencies. But just what is an e-mer-gence-eee to an alien from another world?moreless
  • "Show #1 - Embarrassed at school, Tommy wishes he was invisible. Unfortunately, he makes that wish in front of Dinko who makes Tommy\'s wish come true! Show #2 - After Dinko alters Tommy\'s TV remote, the device is able to affect time as if it were a TV. Tommy tries to use the remote to win his school track meet, with comically tragic results.moreless
  • "Show #1 - Dinko decides to give up junk food and eat healthy. Hilarity ensues. Show #2 - Tommy is the only kid at school without the latest high-tech fad shoe. Dinko helps his best friend by radioactively modifying Tommy\'s shoes.
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