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Pet Psychic

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The Pet Psychic is a TV show on Animal Planet Monday Nights at 8 PM Eastern time. Sonya Fitzpatrick talks to animals using the mind. Her readings are real, done with real animals, and you can check Sonya Fitzpatrick out at
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  • Ok for entertainment purposes, but she is not real.

    Ok for entertainment purposes, but she is not real.

    The first thing she said was that they loved each other. What a joke. One of them was trying to kill I loved watching this show on Animal Planet and thought it looked so legit coming from them. So I was desperate to try to find a solution to my 2 female dogs that were practically fighting to the death. I would have to literally wrestle one to the ground to try to get her off my other dog and I am a very strong woman! She charged $300 for something like 20-30 minutes, and this was about 4 years ago. I thought it was worth it because she was really good. NOT!!!!!!

    The first thing she said was that they loved each other. What a joke. One of them was trying to kill the other one. Many stitches is not a sign of love.

    What a waste of my money and sad because I was so desperate. She should be ashamed of herself and so should Animal Planet.moreless
  • Pet Pychic

    I absolutely love this show. I also listen on Sirius radio. I just happened to come across the show the other week on Animal Planet.Sonya really does communicate with animals. It's amazing! I hope to get through the phone lines one of these days, which is close to impossible. This is a very popular show on Sirius Radio.

    I also love the helpful hints that Sonya recommends to help all of her audience understand their animals.

    I wish she would explain how the animals understand her-is it telepathic or do they really understand when we speak to them? Please keep this show on the air! Sonya and her daughter are fabulous!moreless
  • I first heard Sonya Fitzpatrick on the radio in 1999. I thought she had moved, so imagine my surprise when I just happen to see her while I was flipping through the channels. Best Regards, Robin Littlemoreless

    Sonya Fitzpatrick is truly amazing. I love her show and can't wait to see it again. She is mesmerizing when she is quiet while she speaks to the animals. But, I am torn between which part I like better, when she is speaking with the animals of the people who called her or when she is shopping and speaks to the animals and owners. They are both awe inspiring.

    I told my good friend, who lives in Maryland, about her and she was so excited that she wanted to know when her program aired.

    Please keep her show going as she is superb!

    Best Regards,

    Robin Littlemoreless