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Animal Planet (ended 2005)


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Pet Star

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This show is about real live pets performing to be a Pet Star. The judges pick out the finalists. Then the audience picks the Pet Star from the finalists. There are really 10 performers and 3 or 4 finalists. Winners: 2003: Skidboot! 2003/2004: Nine K-9s 2005: Spencer Lococo
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  • Not Educational but Still Awesome

    I always love watching animals doing cool stuff. It's amazing to see something that doesn't have the mindset of a human still be able to learn and adapt to new and unfamiliar things. Stuff like this makes me realize how smart animals really are, and it's cool to see this.
  • Great show, but the judges shouldn't be celebrities...

    I want to have animal experts as judges, not those celebs. I think they should sack the celebrities, and get animal lovers and experts. Anyway, good show!

    *ehem* Oh yeah, the scores read:

    Graphics: N/A No graphics, it has people.

    Sound: 9.8/10 Catchy tune!

    Humor: N/A Wasn't meant to be funny, but it does not count against the score.

    Dialogue: 8.9/10 Great!

    New! Host: 9/10 Mario Lopez is awesome! (this new feature is for game shows/contests only)

    Bottom Line: Sack the celebrity judges! They just care about anything cute. I mean if rats get an act, the girls gave the act a 4 or 3, or 2. They just look at the animal! Looks like my work here is done, so stay tuned for my next 100-word review!moreless
  • I love yoru show so much, and i think that your would like the tricks that my dog can do.When i saw your show, I wanted to be on it. I think that my dog does too. You have some of the most talented aminlas that I have ever seen.moreless

    I think that your show is awsome!!!!!!! the reason that I wanted to be on there is because of my mom's ex boyfriend. They have become best friends, and recently he got cancer, and is now in stage four. Rembrant(our dog) was originaly his. I wanted to dedicate a routine to him, so he can see his dog successfully be a pet star. It would mean the world to him, and i wanted to make it up to him for something that i did wrong. Remember that your show is the best show, and you have the most talented animals that I have ever seen.moreless
  • If you're an animal lover you just got to love this show.

    A really cool show. It does the world a big favor. It shows people some more reason why you just got to love animals. You get to see regular animals do some pretty amazing tricks. Some talk, count, spell and a whole long list way too long to name. It is generally a fun loving show. The judges are celebrities. The host himself is a celebrity, a hot one too. I don't know what else to say about Pet Star because really and truly the name sort of speaks for itself.

    Just watch it ok and you'll see what I mean. You'll also see why it's a fav of mine. Plus you'll see why everyone should love animals and not just because they do tricks.moreless
  • I love pet star,tey should make the show longer.and Mario keep up the great a boy

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