Peter Benchley's Amazon

(ended 2000)


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  • Amazon...

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time... the only part I hated was it never made it to a second season... the twists and turns in the plot kept me tuned in every week from the crash in the deepest darkest jungles in Amazon to the crazy witch (sound familiar) that haunted our favorite air crash surivors. A doctor, a flight attendent, a teen age boy, an opera diva, an average guy who won a trip to Rio.... wacky survivors from an Spanish Shipwreck that happened some 400 years earlier

    I rue its sad demise before it even had a chance to start
  • Great and an old idea reused brillantly.

    Amazon is a masterpiece with contrasting tribes and unknown twist everywere. Unfrotunatly I didn't catch the first few erpisodes but picked up the gist. I unfrotunatly found out there were only 15 episodes and most proably no-attempt to make another. The tense of the show gets to you and is worked fatasticly by Peter Benchley to give optimum enjoyment. It is most proably aimed at a certain type of viewer and therefore wil not be recongised as a great. I congratulate Peter on a work of art constructed round a simple, lost basis and made to have twist such as shakesperian christians following an ancient, cult regime at war with a warrior, tribal village, absoulute brillance
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