Peter Gunn

Season 1 Episode 34

Bullet for a Badge

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 1959 on NBC

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  • Pete Will Cover for You Lieutenant

    Review - Bullet for a Badge

    A very well written and well played story with plenty of action, intrigue and some veteran guest cast members to add to the episode being fun to watch. There is gunfire galore from Jacoby's ambush to the finale in front of the hospital where he is recovering. A dying victim giving Pete confirmation of cop's being hit, spurred even more desire to bring the bad guys to justice. It was a surprise to learn the corruption occurring, but all in a PI's line of work to find information he didn't expect. Robert F. Simon was a most welcome sight as guest cast member, as many credits as he had in the industry! Morris Erby also made his first recurring role appearance.