Peter Gunn

Season 1 Episode 32

The Family Affair

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 04, 1959 on NBC

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  • Just Enough Suspects to go Around

    Above average crime-solving by our PI with help from Emmett, a chanteuse photographer and the prime suspect, off-camera and dead. Worth watching for the intrigue brought through the artifact filled den of the large dark house, with a formally dressed butler and uniformed private nurse. Well written as the cast fitted the plot, not too many characters to spoil the story. No clues to bring Pete on the outside looking into the crime when the suspects were all in sight, almost. The indoor scenes were poorly lit for the effect, but the guest cast members were perfectly placed in their respected roles. Good to see Hewitt, Hoyt and Wyllie. Emmett had lines, too, for a change.