Peter Pan and the Pirates

FOX (ended 1991)


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  • Season 1
    • The Ages of Pan (2)
      The pirates capture Wendy and most of the Lost Boys while investigating the change in the island. When Hook learns that Peter Pan is growing up, he realizes that Peter no longer has a unique edge and can be beaten. Meanwhile, the Twins fly to Monday Island so learn how to restore their leader and their home. They find out that the fate of Neverland and all its inhabitants now hinges on Peter's bond with the ailing Tinker Bell.moreless
    • The Ages of Pan (1)
      A clever trap set by the Lost Boys looks like it will spell the end of Captain James Hook. But Hook manages to save his life by making Peter's look incomplete and meaningless by comparison. A stunned Peter fantasizes about growing up and experiencing a full life like Hook's. His fantasy soon becomes a reality as he begins rapidly aging; as he does, all of Neverland begins fading away...moreless
    • The Lost Memories of Pirate Pan
      Peter and Tinker Bell travel for two days and seven nights in search of a new Lost Boy to bring to Neverland. However, they bring home a little girl named Jane who seems to know an awful lot about Neverland already. It turns out that Jane is Wendy's daughter from the future - the Darling children see their adult selves in a vision conjured by Tink and realize that they must one day leave Neverland. Unfortunately, the accidental trip to the future has wiped out Peter's memories. Jane holds the key to saving Peter when Hook makes the boy a member of his crew.moreless
    • Frau Brumhandel
      Frau Brumhandel
      Episode 62
      Michael awakens a Viking opera singer who has the ability to enslave others with her music. Frau Brumhandel joins the pirates and falls in love with Captain Hook.
    • The Never Ark
      The Never Ark
      Episode 61
      When Smoky Top begins to rumble menacingly, Peter and the Lost Boys go to see Great Big Little Panther for help. However, the shaman has gone on a retreat, so Hard-to-Hit attempts shaman magic to call forth a vision of what is to come from the sacred flames. He deciphers that Neverland is about to be destroyed. Peter sets about warning everyone in Neverland while the lost boys evacuate the Underground House. Wendy brings up the fact that not all the animals can fly away, so Peter decides that Hook's ship will have to suffice as an Ark to carry the animals to safety.moreless
    • First Encounter
      First Encounter
      Episode 60
      John is in an inquisitive mood today and wants to know how certain events in Neverland came to pass. Peter begins answering John's questions by explaining why he made the Croc swallow the clock. He then describes how the Jolly Roger was brought to Neverland by a strange hurricane and how the Lost Boys and the pirates first met. During the course of the story, Peter reveals that he cut off Hook's hand when he thought that the pirate had killed Nibs and Tootles in their first battle. The flashbacks show that Hook's scream of pain could be heard all over the island as a signal that life in Neverland would never be the same.moreless
    • Invisible Tootles
      Invisible Tootles
      Episode 59
      Tootles is tired of going unnoticed so he wishes he was invisible.
    • The Wind and the Panther
      Hook tampers with Great Big Little Panther's magic, sending the weather of Neverland into a frenzy. Peter must retrieve the magic sand before the storms Hook created kill anyone.
    • Evicted
      Episode 57
      A little stone gnome in a closet of the Underground House suddenly comes to life and orders the lost boys to leave.
    • Seven League Boots
      Seven League Boots
      Episode 56
      The pirates steal a pair of magical boots that will grant the wearer's wish.
    • Elementary, My Dear Pan
      Peter and John pretend they are the greatest detective partners of all time: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. The mystery they are trying to solve concerns the disappearance of Peter's pipes. The two boys follow odd clues and twisted lines of deduction all over Neverland in search of the missing instrument. They are captured by the pirates during the adventure and sentenced to drown in the rising tides, but Peter signals the mermaids to come to their rescue just in time. The duo solve the mystery when Peter's complicated line of reasoning leads him to remember that he let Hard-to-Hit borrow his pipes a few days earlier.moreless
    • The Pirate Who Came to Dinner
      Hook injures himself while trying to capture Peter Pan and Wendy insists they take care of him until he's well again.
    • Knights of Neverland
      Under Wendy's direction, Peter and the Lost Boys are pretending to be King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot. Wendy (as Guinevere) gives Peter her handkerchief to wear and informs him that it is his duty to defend her honor. Peter becomes so wrapped up in the game that he refuses to step out of character when the pirates get involved. That means that he refuses to take off his heavy armor or fly away from danger even when he needs to most...moreless
    • Immortal Pan
      Immortal Pan
      Episode 52
      A few of the pirates and lost boys conspire to make Captain Hook believe that Pan is immortal. The pirates are desperate to sail away from Neverland and resume life on the Spanish Main.
    • Play Ball
      Play Ball
      Episode 51
      Captain Hook comes across Peter and the Lost Boys playing baseball and overhears them talking about stealing 'bases'. Believing they are talking about 'bases' in alchemy, he demands to play against them. The game begins once Great Big Little Panther, the only person that both sides consider fair and trustworthy, agrees to serve as the umpire. The pirates perform their usual acts of trickery and cheating in order to win the game. In the end, Hook succeeds in stealing all the bases but is highly disappointed when he tears them apart and learns they are worthless.moreless
    • Tootles the Bold
      Tootles the Bold
      Episode 50
      Tootles protects a baby whale that Hook wants to harpoon.
    • The Demise of Hook
      The Demise of Hook
      Episode 49
      Peter and the Lost Boys cause a commotion among the pirates when they steal the Jolly Roger's flag. In trying to retaliate, Hook puts too much gunpowder into Long Tom and gets blown to smithereens. The rest of the pirates decide to leave Neverland since their captain's vendetta with Peter was the only thing that kept them there. Peter is devastated that Hook is dead and the pirates are gone. But he may just get one last showdown with his archenemy when the Lost Boys tell him that Hook's ghost now haunts a cave.moreless
    • A Hole in the Wall
      A Hole in the Wall
      Episode 48
      Peter and the Lost Boys find a parallel universe in Neverland with an Egyptian theme. Will they escape or be enslaved like their Egyptian counterparts?
    • Pirate Boys, Lost Men
      The Lost Boys and the Pirates switch bodies after interrupting a powerful shaman ritual in which Hard-to-Hit was to live inside the body of a bear to learn respect for the hunted.
    • The Neverscroll
      The Neverscroll
      Episode 46
      Captain Hook steals the Neverscroll and starts erasing Neverland.
    • Dr. Livingstone and Captain Hook
      After taking a hit in the head, Captain Hook believes he is Dr Livingstone.
    • Foot Race
      Foot Race
      Episode 44
      Peter and Wendy are playing hide and seek with Tiger Lily and Hard-to-Hit. A No Flying rule is in place to give the Indians a fair chance, but Peter breaks the rule in order to win the game. Hard-to-Hit gets really angry about this and claims that Peter could never win anything without his flying power. This brings about a contest in which an earth-bound Peter and Wendy race Hard-to-Hit and Tiger Lily in retrieving various artifacts around Neverland. Unfortunately, the competetive boys make each round more dangerous since there is never a clear winner to the race.moreless
    • Peter on Trial
      Peter on Trial
      Episode 43
      Peter and Tink sneak on board the Jolly Roger in order to play with Hook's harpsichord. Hook catches them in the act and captures Peter, destroying his beloved instrument in the process. All looks grim for Peter until Wendy flies over and convinces Hook to give Peter a trial. But is a fair trial and a just outcome even possible when the entire court is comprised of pirates?moreless
    • The Plucking of Short Tom
      Short Tom leaves the Jolly Roger.
    • Stupid Smee
      Stupid Smee
      Episode 41
      Smee is left to fend for himself and Wendy tries to befriend him.
    • After the Laughter
      After the Laughter
      Episode 40
      The Mermaids steal Wendy's laugh.
    • Wendy and the Croc
      Wendy and the Croc
      Episode 39
      After thinking being a fairy is better, Tinkerbell changes Wendy into a fairy but before its complete, Wendy gets swallowed by the Croc.
    • All Hallows Eve
      All Hallows Eve
      Episode 38
      It’s All Hallows Eve, so Peter and the Lost Boys are playing tons of pranks on the pirates. One prank they pull is to steal the pirates’ lantern. This revives the Jack O Lantern ghost, who gets Smee to steal the lantern back from Peter. The ghost then summons ghosts, witches, and goblins from the volcano to wreck havoc all over the island. At first Hook and the crew think Smee is a deserter and hunt him down, but when they learn about the ghost they realize their mistake. The pirates and the Lost Boys must team up if they’re to reclaim the lantern before Neverland is completely overrun by the undead!moreless
    • Three Wishes
      Three Wishes
      Episode 37
      Peter eagerly awaits the passing of a shooting star so that he can be granted three wishes. But Hook hears about the star's magic and recites the rhyme to call its power at the same time as Peter. The two enemies decide to split their wishes, each getting one and a half, but the half wishes are granted first and don't turn out quite right. When the adventure takes a fatal turn for Hook, Peter uses his full wish to make sure the whole thing never happened.moreless
    • Professor Smee
      Professor Smee
      Episode 36
      Smee suddenly becomes smart.
    • A Wee Problem
      A Wee Problem
      Episode 35
      Everyone is awestruck at the appearance of three moons above Neverland. Tinker Bell is especially thrilled, for this gives her the ability to shrink Peter down to fairy size and take him to visit the Fairy King. But she's not too happy when Peter insists that the Darlings and the Lost Boys come along. Tink messes with the others' ability to fly, which leads to such disaster that King Oberon kicks Wendy and the boys out. With the children unable to revert to their former size, they become easy prey for the pirates and the Crocodile, especially since Tink is keeping Peter distracted.moreless
    • When Games Become Deadly
      Peter and Hook play chess.
    • River of Night
      River of Night
      Episode 33
      Peter joins Hard-to-Hit and Tiger Lily in a journey down the Mysterious River to seek out an ancient golden arrow. Hook and the Pirates pursue them through a series of perils along the way.
    • Mardi Gras
      Mardi Gras
      Episode 32
      The pirates sign a truce agreement and celebrate it at Mardi Gras. But things don't stay peaceful for long.
    • The Letter
      The Letter
      Episode 31
      After writing a letter to his mom claiming he's the captain, Starkey's mom comes to visit.
    • Friday the Thirteenth
      Peter and Curly play tricks on the pirates, making them believe they have bad luck.
    • Count De Chauvin
      Count De Chauvin
      Episode 29
      A mysterious swordsman appears and challenges Peter to a duel...and wins!
    • The Play's the Thing
      While searching for Peter Pan's hideout, the pirates spy the Lost Boys rehearsing a Shakespeare play in the woods. Hook is so appalled by their incorrect recitations that he steps out of hiding and wows everyone with a flawless rendition of a soliloquy from Julius Caesar. Everyone then agrees on a temporary truce so that Hook can direct a production of Romeo and Juliet starring Wendy as Juliet. It's a tense truce that threatens to turn deadly when Hook decides to use the play's sleeping potion as a way to poison Wendy.moreless
    • The Hook and the Hat
      Peter steals Hook's hat and undergoes a scary change.
    • Jules Verne Night
      Jules Verne Night
      Episode 26
      The Lost Boys build a sub to explore the sea while Hook tries to fly to the moon.
    • The Croc and the Clock
      The sun is rising and setting so fast that no one can keep track of what time it is. Tink and the Lost Boys figure out that the clock inside the Crocodile has stopped ticking and that fixing the it will put time back to normal. But first they have to get the clock from the cranky Croc; that's not easy now that the animal is free to stalk its prey undetected. Captain Hook, the beast's favorite victim, learns this the hard way...moreless
    • Hook the Faithful Son
      Peter tricks Hook into thinking his mother wanted him to be a pilot, instead of a pirate.
    • A Day at the Fair
      A Day at the Fair
      Episode 23
      Tinkerbell takes Michael to a fair on Small Monday Island, but the pirates have also decided to go.
    • Nibs and the Mermaids
      Nibs decides to journey to the bottom of the lagoon to see the Mermaids' Grotto.
    • Curly's Laugh
      Curly's Laugh
      Episode 21
      Curly wants nothing more than to make his friends laugh. When Tink grants his wish to be the funniest boy in all Neverland, every word that comes out of the boy's mouth is cause for hilarity. In the meantime, Hook has written a comedy and is desperately seeking an actor who possesses comedic talent. When the pirates fail to meet this requirement, Hook decides to talent scout the Lost Boys - with or without their leave. Can Curly warn his friends in time, and will they take him seriously?moreless
    • Billy Jukes, Lost Boy

      When Robert Mullins gets deadly Neverfever and wanders into the woods during a fierce lightning storm, Billy Jukes is the only pirate who goes after him. Slightly manages to capture Billy and attempts to capture Mullins in order to prove that he should be second-in-command of the Lost Boys. Things change once Slightly learns that Mullins is dying – he knows the antidote to Neverfever and offers to help Billy get it. While doing so, the two bond as Slightly describes his family and Billy explains his history as a pirate on the Jolly Roger. They save Mullins and return to their respective groups but don't forget the friendship this adventure created between them.

    • Pirate Shadows
      Pirate Shadows
      Episode 19
      Peter steals the pirates shadows, but they are more dangerous than he realizes.
    • Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid
      While playing with two mermaids at the lagoon, Peter innocently proclaims Wendy to be the most beautiful being in Neverland. The vain mermaids are so jealous that they kidnap Wendy and transform her into a mermaid. Unfortunately, they do not give her the ability to breathe underwater. Can Peter save Wendy before her air bubble runs out?moreless
    • Peter in Wonderland
      Wendy has written down the story of Alice in Wonderland for the Lost Boys, adding Peter's name to the title after he insists that he won't hear a story that he's not in. But once again, Tinker Bell's magic has enchanted the book, and when Wendy opens the volume both she and Peter are transported into the story. It seems that when John drew the book's illustrations, he used the likenesses of Wendy, Captain Hook, Michael, and all the other inhabitants of Neverland as inspirations for Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the pig child, and the rest of Wonderland's characters. Unfortunately, Peter's name was only written into the title and not the story itself, so it is up to Wendy as the book's heroine to get them through the adventure.moreless
    • Hook's Mother's Picture
      Peter steals Hook's picture of his mother and when they go to give it back they find it missing and must create a new one.
    • Living In Pictures
      Living In Pictures
      Episode 15
      Responding to Peter's complaints that Wendy's stories aren't exciting enough, Tinker Bell enchants the pages of Wendy's book so that the story comes alive as it's told. Anyone who's in the story must enact the action and obey all the narration; this applies to Peter since he's the hero of the story. It's not long before word of this soon reaches the Jolly Roger and Hook devises a plan to steal its pages. Once he succeeds, he begins rewriting the story so that Peter cannot fly or fight and the Darlings and Lost Boys are helpless captives. Things take a turn for the better when Wendy is able to reach the stolen pages and write the Crocodile into the story.moreless
    • The Great Race
      The Great Race
      Episode 14
      The Twins, sick of being so closely associated with one another, begin fighting incessantly. Their riff coincides with the preparations for a race around the island that everyone - including the pirates - wants to win. The Twins try to beat each other in building the fastest racing machine but wind up creating the same design. The Great Race finally arrives but is nearly ruined by the fierce competition between Peter, the Lost Boys, and the cheating pirates. In the end, the Twins resolve their differences and work together to save their friends, while Michael wins the race riding only a tricycle.moreless
    • Slightly in Stone
      Slightly in Stone
      Episode 13
      One of Tinker Bell's spells goes awry and accidentally changes Slightly into a statue. The spell will be permanent unless Slightly is completely covered with a special potion before sunset. Unfortunately, some of the necessary ingredients are located in the more treacherous regions of Neverland. It's a race against time as Peter and the others brave the dangers to save their friend.moreless
    • The Girl Who Lives In the Moon
      Robert Mullins's quest to cure his land sickness with a magical spell causes the moon to plummet from the sky. Hook saves the Girl Who Lives in the Moon and becomes completely captivated by her beauty and charm. In an attempt to prove to Peter that not all children hate him, Hook tries to win the Girl's affections by convincing her he wants to help put the moon back in the sky. Somehow, Peter must get the Girl away from the pirate and return her home to its proper place.moreless
    • Treasure Hunt
      Treasure Hunt
      Episode 11
      Hook draws up a phony treasure map in order to lure Peter and the Lost Boys into a trap.
    • Slightly Duped
      Slightly Duped
      Episode 10
      It starts as an innocent prank on Slightly. Hard-to-Hit and Tiger Lily make the Lost Boy believe an Oracle will help him become Peter Pan's second-in-command. But the game becomes far too dangerous once Hook decides to join in. When Slightly gets his wish, will he prove to be a good leader or lead his friends straight into a trap?moreless
    • The Phantom Shaman

      Cookson poses as a shaman and the Twins have a competition to see who can build the deadliest machine.

    • Hook's Christmas
      Hook's Christmas
      Episode 8
      Hook believes that Christmas is a ridiculous waste of time. He trashes the pirates' celebration and shuts himself in his cabin for the remainder of the evening. That night, he is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, each resembling someone he knows. The ghosts offer Hook a chilling look at his past life and what lays in store for him if he does not embrace the spirit of the season.moreless
    • Now Day Party
      Now Day Party
      Episode 7
      Peter asks the Girl Who Lives in the Moon not to push the moon to morning, so they don't have a birthday party.
    • Eternal Youth
      Eternal Youth
      Episode 6
      Hook makes it abundantly clear that he has no wish to celebrate his birthday because it serves only as a reminder that he's growing older. Later, Peter fools Smee into taking a bottle of spring water that supposedly will give eternal youth to whoever drinks or bathes in it. The ruse is made convincing when Hook tests it on Short Tom and Peter switches the parrot for an egg while the Captain sleeps. Soon Hook is off chasing the source of the water, but what will happen when he learns it was all just a cruel prank?moreless
    • The Dream
      The Dream
      Episode 5
      Michael has a recurring nightmare, which seems to be coming true.
    • The Rake
      The Rake
      Episode 4

      While exploring a cave, Peter, Slightly, and John open a treasure chest that contains the ghost of Captain Patch (a.k.a. Jaspar Hook). Patch's ghost has grown powerful enough to summon his old ship The Rake from beyond to help him exact revenge on his younger brother James for murdering him years ago. The evil ghost won't stop at destroying Hook and the Jolly Roger – all of Neverland is at risk. To survive this threat, Peter Pan and Captain Hook must combine forces and banish Patch forever.

    • Tootles and the Dragon
      Tootles accidentally releases an ancient dragon.
    • The Ruby
      The Ruby
      Episode 2

      Hard-to-Hit sets off to find a lost Indian City, Sintata. It is a dangerous mission with many dangers to face along the way.

    • Coldest Cut of All
      King Kyros's Ice Realm is one area of Neverland where Peter Pan is not welcome. But the arrogant and reckless boy is not about to let a cranky ice god spoil his fun. Peter takes an ice crystal from the ice caves and returns home to share his treasure and adventurous tale with Wendy, Tink, and the Lost Boys. His friends will also be sharing his punishment when Kyros retaliates.moreless