Peter Pan and the Pirates

FOX (ended 1991)


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  • So Happy I'm not the only one who remembers this!

    I thought this was a fantastic show. In the recesses of my memory I can still hear Tim Curry's Hook and James Marsden's Peter - little bits and pieces of dialogue. The final episodes with Peter growing up and Neverland dying around them were superbly done and one of the few I remember. I would love love love to see this again and I'd urge people to vote for it on if they can. Too many great shows are just fading away. This is one of them.
  • Very few people remember this show. That's really too bad, considering that it was a very creative take on a familiar story.

    The great thing about Peter Pan and the Pirates was that it wasn't afraid to explore new territory. Not to say that it was ground-breaking television - this was your standard adventure cartoon for children. However, it did manage to take a very well-known story and breathe new life into it.

    We get an extended look at Neverland and all the wonders and dangers it entails. We get to know the Lost Boys, Indians, and pirates individually. Peter's flaws are more explicit in this show: he's cocky, selfish, and reckless, yet still sympathetic and undeniably heroic. And Hook is not a mustache-twirling buffoon that would only scare children: he's a formidable adversary, a real threat to Peter. We get a great deal of complexity in the relationship between Peter Pan and Captain James Hook. There are times when the two are forced to team up or when Hook inadvertantly shows affection for his arch nemesis. But then the duplicitous pirate immediately turns around and tried to dig his hook in Peter's back. All of these events seem natural because they come out of well-defined characters.

    Not many people remember this show or give it the respect it deserves. Neverland and all its inhabitants really came alive for me through this cartoon. I guess animation is the only medium that can really do Peter Pan justice - the flying and the magic spells seem more real here (and in the Disney movie) than in any other production I've seen.
  • What Is Perhaps The Best And Most Impressive Adaptation OF J.M. Barries' Original Tale, A Rare And Underrated Gem.

    I remember this being one of the very first shows to premiere on Fox Kids that I watched when I was little. Can't believe how rare this show really is, but then I haven't seen it again in years till I checked out the 4 episodes available at Veoh. This is a brilliant, top-notch animation series that needs either to return to the airwaves on another channel or be brought to DVD already. I recommend this show because it's got exciting adventures that will keep anyone hooked. I believe one reason why it's my most favorite out of all the Fox Kids shows is because it's not one of those shows that disappoints and it makes for great thrilling escapism. It doesn't deserve to be overlooked or neglected, considering it's been such a long-time since it last hit the airwaves. There isn't a single thing to dislike about this cartoon: The plots of the stories, the animation, the characters, everything is just perfect. Definitely not a series to be missed. So everyone, just let your imagination run away with y'all and fly away to Neverland with Peter and his friends. I also find this to be among the most interesting. Very well put together. There's nothing to complain about here. It's a grade A+ series and deserves, and is worthy of so much more attention than it's received.
  • Understated

    This was an amazing show. I was so hooked on it. It was my favorite after-school show, and I was very upset when it was taken off the air. This show captured the imagination and left me captivated and thinking and drawing my own versions of the stories. I wish this show would come back, I would gladly watch the reruns over and over.