Peter Pan and the Pirates

Season 1 Episode 18

Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1991 on FOX
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Vanity, Thy Name is Mermaid
While playing with two mermaids at the lagoon, Peter innocently proclaims Wendy to be the most beautiful being in Neverland. The vain mermaids are so jealous that they kidnap Wendy and transform her into a mermaid. Unfortunately, they do not give her the ability to breathe underwater. Can Peter save Wendy before her air bubble runs out?moreless

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    Michael Bacall

    Michael Bacall

    Voice of the smaller Twin

    Tim Curry

    Tim Curry

    Voice of Captain James Hook

    Cree Summer

    Cree Summer

    Voice of Tiger Lily

    Eugene Williams

    Eugene Williams

    Voice of Billy Jukes

    Adam Carl

    Adam Carl

    Voice of Nibs

    Tony Jay

    Tony Jay

    Voice of Alf Mason

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      • Peter Pan: (introduces himself) I am Peter Pan! Surely you've heard of me?
        Ol'Crooked Tail: Oh I just haven't kept up with the news. Not since I was banished for being the Ugliest Mermaid.
        Peter Pan: (honestly) Your not ugly at all! A little strange perhaps, but not ugly.
        Ol'Crooked Tail
        : (flattered) What a charming boy, as I always said "Beauty is only Scale Deep."

      • Wendy: (Wendy is trapped in a giant bubble, that starts to shrink as a giant tank is brought in.) What is that?
        MermaidBlue: (smug) This my Dear, will turn you into a mermaid! Aren't you excited?
        : Peter and the Lost Fools will be looking for their little Storyteller. (Points outside) So go out and divert them.
        MermaidBlue: (frowns) Don't talk to me like that you Sea Monster!
        MermaidPurple: Ohh, stop complaining!
        Wendy: (frantic) Stop Arguing! My Bubble is shrinking I'm running out of air!!
        MermaidBlue: (giggles) Shrinking? My Dear Wendy, your bubble is about to burst.

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      • Shakespeare misattributed:
        The episode takes it's title from the line, "Vanity, thy name is woman",that isoften attributed to Shakespeare's play Hamlet. However, the line does not exist that way and instead is, "Frailty, thy name is woman."

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