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Season 2 Episode 8

Making Marry

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Three years ago, a mother and daughter opened Marry Go Round, a secondhand bridal consignment shop, in the hopes of turning their love of weddings into a successful business. Even though they're the only store of their kind in Houston, Judy and Madeline Salvato are on the verge of closing up shop for good unless they can lure in more brides to drum up business. The shop has become overly cluttered and the staff has done little-to-no advertising in their own community. The stresses of the shop are also putting a major strain of Judy and Madeline's personal relationship and their non-stop bickering is holding them back from making the most of Marry Go Round. Can Peter play mediator and bring harmony back to this family--and save the shop from going under? Watch Peter work his magic as he transforms Marry Go Round into a couture wedding wonderland fit for brides everywhere!moreless
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