Peter Rabbit

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Peter Rabbit

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AIRED ON 5/29/2014

Season 2 : Episode 14

  • Save Beatrix Potter's PETER RABBIT books

    Hello. My name is Mr. John Patrick Munley. I am here to save the Beatrix Potter books. There is a new television series about her stories of Peter Rabbit and friends. I believe the makers of that show didn't follow the books very well. So I decide to share my opinions and facts today. So here we go.

    The series, titled PETER RABBIT, first aired in 2012 with a Christmas special, and then regular episodes followed the next year. Made by Silvergate Media and animated with CGI by Brown Bag Films, the series stars Peter Rabbit, a mischievous and impulsive young rabbit wearing a blue jacket. Throughout the series, he gets into a lot of trouble, but never gives up and always tries to fix his problems when danger comes in.

    One of the major changes from the books is that we learn more about Peter's late father (who, in the books, was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor). The dad isn't there, but we don't say how he died in the series. Peter has inherited from him the blue jacket and a journal full of tips for adventures.

    Yes, Peter is impulsive in the Beatrix Potter books, but his cousin Benjamin Bunny is a nervous wreck. In the books, he was only a nervous wreck in THE TALE OF MR. TOD.

    We also get a new character, a strong female rabbit named Lily Bobtail. Lily is one of the few good things the series did. Even though each episode has THE TALE OF..... In the title, like the books, mostly it just doesn't follow the books.

    For one thing, they could shown more interaction with characters whose personailties are at least like the books, such as Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. They also could have added characters from the books who weren't in the show, like Tom Kitten, Mrs. Tittlemouse, and others. The only character who really gets lots of interaction (other than the villains) is Squirrel Nutkin.

    This series just isn't Beatrix Potter. It's not even close! The series has destroyed the original books and made them forgotten! I can feel Beatrix Potter rolling and spinning in her grave at every single viewing of every single episode of this show!

    There was hope! I am the president of a film studio called CookKidz Productions. It's not famous yet, but I'm trying to get there. Our mission at CoolKidz Productions is to adapt children's books for film and television.

    I was planning to bring the classic Beatrix Potter books to the screen. In doing so, I would have made them popular and classic again. But Beatrix Potter's publishers, Frederick Warne & wouldn't even think of giving me a chance, hence the new television series. They have told me that because of the new series, they couldn't allow any other use on television and film. I believe they just want money. I wish I could have a chance to show everyone what I can do to help the Beatrix Potter name.moreless
  • if your a bunny lover, then you'll love this An adorable cartoon.

    don't be fooled. just because it's on Nick Jr, the absolute worst channel on TV right now, with Mind numbing idiotic shows such as "Dora, Go Diego Go, and Bubble Guppies" But the new 2013 animated debut of "Peter Rabbit" is GREAT. sure, the humor in the show is meant for younger audiences, but it's a little complex with the script sometimes. anyway, it's a very enjoyable show that a lot of people should check out. But, I recommend buying the episodes on iTunes. imagine the embarrassment you'll receive if you watch this straight from the Nick JR. channel. The show is really nicely animated, and the main characters (Benjamin, Peter, and Lily) are the most adorable animated bunnies I have ever seen. just go into watching it with a open mind. and no, it's not one of those abominations of cartoons where they TALK to the audience, or they play "GAMES". this one is none of that. sadly, my little brother watching "Peter Rabbit' doesn't like it, and prefers the other garbage. oh well. more for me.moreless

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