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  • Season 1
    • The Barring Family
      Troy and Peggy Barring need a pet which can double as a mascot for their son's lacrosse team. Jarod and Dina tackle the challenge, and in the process, the Barrings learn that sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.
    • The Smith Family
      The Smith Family
      Episode 6
      The members of the Smith family have different opinions about what their new pet should be, but the diva of the household - their Teacup Yorkie - has her own ideas. Jarod flies solo with the task of figuring out what adopted pet best suits the family.
    • Steve and Brenda
      Steve and Brenda
      Episode 5
      Steve and Brenda Hopwood are newlyweds who want to adopt a pet together before they take on the responsibilities of parenthood. The Petfinder team helps the Hopwoods discover that the best addition to their family is something neither of them expected!
    • The Gee Family
      The Gee Family
      Episode 4
      Three generations of Gees--parents, grandparents and three kids--living under one roof make for a tricky Petfinder mission. Luckily our hosts are up to the task, and ultimately, the final adopted pet is something that the Gees could never have imagined.
    • Tamara and Steve
      Tamara and Steve
      Episode 3
      Beachside hijinx ensue as Dina and Jarod search for an adopted pet that will make high-strung Steve and his new-age girlfriend, Tamara, happy. But their human habitat makes this one of the toughest Petfinder assignments ever!
    • The Bissell Family
      The Bissell family home already is full of pets. They own a golden retriever named Champ; a bearded dragon lizard named Dash; a turtle named Juliet; a pond fish; and two American dog ticks named Dracula and Fred. Their pet motto is "the more the merrier," especially when they know their family will be adopting an animal in need! The problem is they can't agree on the species of their next pet. Mom (Martha) wants a goat, because she used to own one as a child. Nine-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, wants a pony. Dad (Jim) wants another dog to be Champ's playmate. Ten-year-old Alexander ("Xander") loves all things reptile; he's even a card-carrying member of the Herpetological Society. Will Petfinder be able to find one pet that satisfies the whole family? Find out as Jarod and Dina bring some of the coolest Teachers' Pets to the Bissell household, to satisfy Xander's love of exotic animals and to explore his family's motley crew of desired pets. Each Teachers' Pet ultimately will get the family closer to their most suitable pet, but are the Bissells ready for what Petfinder has in store for them?moreless
    • Greg and Divinity
      Divinity and Greg are newly-engaged and looking for a pet that will be a good companion for their 12-year-old dog, Nesta. But finding an adopted pet that they can both agree on, and that gets along with Nesta is tougher than meets the eye.