Petkeeping with Marc Morrone

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Petkeeping with Marc Morrone

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Petkeeping With Marc Morrone (formally known as 'The Pet Shop' from 2001-2003) is a syndicated preogram which teaches about animals. Every week, Marc answers questions veiwers may have about their pets, shows some interesting facts about certain pets, and just overall teaches the veiwer about animals. Birds, cats, dogs, ferrets and hamsters are the main animals talked about this show.

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  • It's a good show

    I enjoy this program, yes there have been things on it that I did not necessarily agree with but all in all the show is good, clean, and it's fun to watch the animals all scurry around as well as get along with one another and watch Marc do the program with gentle, kindness towards all the chaos the animals can get into sometimes. lol
  • Cleaning the Bird Cage

    Marc completely ignored the most important aspect of bird husbandry. He carefully cleaned the cage and left the birds filthy. Birds like to bathe every day to remove the encrusted preening fluid on their feathers, they then reapply fresh preen. The birdbath in my garden is used so much I have to scrub it every day - a wide variety of wild birds.

    I feel sad for those poor budgies who have to remain filthy all their lives.moreless
  • i get up every saturday at 7am for this show.

    Marc morrone`s pet keeping is the best pet care show on television.the best there is, was ,and ever will be.(since petsburgh usa)most animal shows teach you about wild animals but Marc teaches you about pets:ferrets,cats,hamsters,guniea pigs,chinchillas,birds,fish,ect he even has a capybarra!sometimes he teaches people to make pet toys like how to make a plant pot into a ferret house.hes never confuseing.Besides hes one of the few people on tv that seem like a really nice guy Hes just really informative.this is a show for anyone who loves animals its not action packed its a pet ''keeping''show.I make it my bussiness to watch it every time its giveing it a 10 because i cant think of anything else i could want from it.therefore it deserves a 10.but it doesnt desreve the 4.7 rateing it currently holds this is a great show that is at least an 8 but deserves a 10 for being the only show that is about pets and for the children and adults that own them.moreless
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