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  • The Petrocelli series really made us "feel at home!"


    We actually lived in Arizona near Tucson when this series first aired.
    The Petrocelli series really made us "feel at home!" The countryside
    was beautiful and the scenery breathtaking.

    Tony Petrocelli had a really unique take on the law and defending the
    law breaker. He had a care-free, nonchalant way of of approaching life
    and it showed. At the same time he was ruthless in the work he
    personally did to defend his clients.

  • This show will always have a special place in my heart

    I grew up around ' Petrocelli ' and as a child I can recall watching this show being filmed through out the city of Tucson. A number of scenes were shot directly across from my parents business at a local pool hall. There are several scenes were my parents business and vehicles were clearly visible. It always made me laugh that the show's town was San Remo but yet there were vehicles in many scenes which clearly read Tucson on their sides.
    I never got to fully enjoy the show itself until much later in life when I found the show on TVLand. Petrocelli was one of the classic attorney shows of the 70's and one of the very few which I would actually purchase DVD's of.
  • This show is very stupid but if you like stupid shows like quincy, ironside or even diganosis murder then this is worth a watch

    ok you got your usual 70s / 80s show

    You got a lawyer who wins every week but for some reason he never haas any money and hes living in a caravan while he builds his own house out of bricks by himself while his wife makes the tea but he never gets to finish the house becuase he's a very busy lawyer who has to chase gangsters and get in shootouts like most professions in America during the 70s & 80s.

    At least from what Ive seen of shows most crimes are solved by Lawyers, doctors, medical examinors, novelist old ladies, vigilanties with very polite cars, really old fat men in a helicopter or Redneck hooligan gangsters who enter their car through the windows. But rarely were any crimes solved by cops.

    This show is very stupid but if you like stupid shows like quincy, ironside or even diganosis murder then this is worth a watch
  • Seeing things from various perspectives.

    This was such a terrific show! The person who appeared at the beginning to be the bad guy would often turn out to be innocent. It was so neat to see the crimes committed in different ways, by different people, and for different reasons, as the facts slowly folded. The casting was perfect, too. I sure hope this show is brought out on DVD soon.
  • Petrocelli is a lawyer that lives in Sam Reno that takes cases that have to do with murder. A good tv lawyer show that starred Barry Newman.

    This was a great lawyer tv show that had something about it that kept me tuned in for the next episode. It starred Barry Newman as Petrocelli, a Sam Reno lawyer trying to take one case at a time. The suspence of the show was great. One of my farorite episodes would have to be "Edge Of Evil" that guest starred William Shatner, Susan Oliver, and Harrison Ford! William Shatner is charrged with a murder that he claims he didn't do, the murder of Petrocelli's friend. Petrocelli is asked to represent him and takes the case. On the other hand, the murdered man's friend (Harrison Ford) doesn't like Petrocelli defending the man he thinks murdered his friend, neither does the murdered mas's wife (Susan Oliver). It is an episode I recommed