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  • Petrocelli is a lawyer that lives in Sam Reno that takes cases that have to do with murder. A good tv lawyer show that starred Barry Newman.

    This was a great lawyer tv show that had something about it that kept me tuned in for the next episode. It starred Barry Newman as Petrocelli, a Sam Reno lawyer trying to take one case at a time. The suspence of the show was great. One of my farorite episodes would have to be "Edge Of Evil" that guest starred William Shatner, Susan Oliver, and Harrison Ford! William Shatner is charrged with a murder that he claims he didn't do, the murder of Petrocelli's friend. Petrocelli is asked to represent him and takes the case. On the other hand, the murdered man's friend (Harrison Ford) doesn't like Petrocelli defending the man he thinks murdered his friend, neither does the murdered mas's wife (Susan Oliver). It is an episode I recommed