Pets: Part of the Family

PBS (ended 2000)


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Pets: Part of the Family

Show Summary

Pets: Part of the Family is an animal TV show from PBS that showcases some extraordinary pets. Broadway actor Gary Burghoff hosts the show along with his young sidekick friend, Jordan Walker Ross, presenting pet animals from across the country. Burghoff starts the season with a dog named Ginny that searches the city streets to save cats in distress. Next up, Ross goes to a hospital in Tallahassee, FL, where a physician uses dogs to help sniff out broken bones and hidden diseases in the human body. Animal activist Sally Jessie Raphael appears in the beginning of the season with a few choice words for hunters and animal trainer Marvin Earl Roberts guest stars on the show as a man who knows how to communicate with his horses. Animal doctors visit the show throughout the season. Veterinarian Angel Masterson shows viewers how a pet emergency room operates and pet psychologist, Alan Richardson, gives Ross some instruction on how solve behavioral problems between cats and birds. By the end of the season, Burghoff and Ross screen some pet home videos in between their animal reports.