Petshop of Horrors

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 1999)


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Petshop of Horrors

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In an anonymous city in Chinatown, a mysterious pet shop stands nestled between restaurants and pop stores. The storekeeper, known only as "Count," offers a marvelous selection of rare and unusual animals with the ability to manifest their masters' hidden desires, unfulfilled wishes and hopes for a second chance - but there's one catch. The buyer must sign a contract agreeing to follow a specific set of instructions for the animal's care and maintenance. Breaking the terms of the contract results in serious repercussions for which the shop assumes no responsibility-so, let the buyer beware. Character Profiles Count D The mysterious and androgynous manager of the Pet Shop, D prides himself on selling Love and Dreams. He truly cares about his creatures and genuinely wishes his pets and their new owners the best ... but he is also always aware of the dire alternative outcome that is possible should his instructions about care and handling be ignored. D has quite a sweet tooth and as Leon has discovered, D is all too eager to discuss his pets over a slice of dessert and a flavorful cup of tea. He has a pet of his own, a bizarre little creature which is part bat, part rabbit. No one knows what the 'D' in the Count's name is short for. Leon Orcot A detective on the police force, Leon believes that Count D's pet shop is somehow related to an otherwise seemingly unrelated series of crimes. He doesn't have proof linking D himself to the crimes, but Leon is determined to find out the truth about the pet shop. This guide also has information of the mangas that have been released by TokyoPop. Any additional info will be contributed to the Pet Catalog. "In the heart of the city, you will find Chinatown; a mysterious place where rare and valuable commodities are in abundance. Welcome to my petshop; tonight you will find something you desire." -Anime Intromoreless

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Animation, Horror, Suspense


Anime, Asian Horror