Petshop of Horrors

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 1999)


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  • Athough a wonderful show with great animation, though it is nothing compaired to the original manga series.

    Petshop of Horrors is a wonderful manga. Unfortunately the anime is not as long as the nine book manga series, though it does do it justice. The animation is beautiful and the humor is dark. The animators and producers picked two wonderful stories from the series, though I wished they had done more. Medusa was a wonderful tale I wished they had animated. Although I thought this was a wonderful anime, I think the manga is far superior. This is a wonderful companion if you have read the series, though as a stand alone, some of the mystery feels lost. It is also distinctly lacking in that regard. There isn't enough there to make it a full series, just two short stories where you don't even get to know Count D and Leon. I recommend reading the series before seeing this, just so you can get the full flavor this series has to offer.
  • Witch hunter Robin lovers, come here.

    Strangely mysterious and gory at the same time, petshop of horrors is basicly four storys in one series. It brings you to the front door of a mysterious petshop in Chinatown, run by Count D. Not much is know about him, besides his family own the petshop for a long time, and he loves sweets. The reason the petshop comes into play is that it's famous for selling rare animals, some are even legendary (Kirin and Medusa). However, each sell has some kind of contract the buyer cannot break, or else.
    A dectective, however, manages to connect the petshop to several mysterious deaths. each time he tries to frame the count, it is always ignored. why? and how is the count doing this? some things may be never answered.
  • Dark, twisted, disturbing, shocking....and highly enjoyable.

    This sensual, disquieting anime lingers in the mind. Count D is a mysterious Pet Shop owner who has more about him that meets the eye. He sells odd...original pets, which can give thier owners dreams...or nightmares.

    The animation is beautiful and the stories are haunting. It captivated me, weaving its spell. The center of the story is Count D and the hot headed detectie, Leon who is sure that it is the count that is the culprit behind his customers deaths. [due to the pets.^^] There is also a homoerotic feel with Count D towards Leon!^^ [Makes me happy...yaoi fangirl here.^^]
  • Lovely people

    This show is so orginal with its characters and story line. Count D is one of those characters who is so mysterious but yet you know everything about him. Does that make sense I hope it does. Anyway I would watch this show over and over again just to see the amazing designs and drawings of the characters.
  • This has gotten bad ratings, but I really don't know why. Overall I think it's really good, well thought out and really makes you think.

    Petshop of Horrors is one of my favorites mangas. Each chapter or episode is it's own story, usually following a new character and the pet they just got. The series is meaningful and deep, each chapter will make you think and really have an effect on you. Usually the chapters have some lesson to them. It's eerie and a little gothic.

    An amazing part, in my opinion, is that even though it's very serious, it still has parts that are really funny. It has the perfect balance of seriousness and humor. It's funny enough to make me laugh out loud.