Petticoat Junction

Season 1 Episode 16

Bobbie Jo and the Beatnik

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1964 on CBS

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  • Dated and a little plodding, the end has a bit of a surprise that is still effective.

    Bobbie Jo is smitten with a hip but dark poet who has wandered into Hooterville.

    There is a lot that's sheer rote here - the cartoon of the beatnik, the backlash, the young woman entranced because the young man is "different", and on and on. And in most cases, this episode doesn't get beyond the stereotype.

    Of note is Dennis Hopper, his character is given some lines that generate a chuckle, his lifestyle "a cry of anguish in the tortured night", the finale to his recited poetry, "a toenail splits". Billie Jo's character is given more reinforcement as the queen of the Bradley flirts, Uncle Joe has some OK quips worthy of a rural precursor to Fred Sanford. The original Bobbie Jo is also written unidimensionally as a nerdy bookworm (part of the early idea to make each Bradley girl interested in one thing). It's fairly heavy-handed without a light-hearted nuttiness to weave it all together.

    Kate works the best, after an initial period of being impressed by the Hopper character, she's scripted as more savvy than the "worldly" kid from New York City and easily throws his gibberish back at him. More unusually, rather than convince her daughter of his lack of ambition, she instead shows the boy how quickly he will abandon his "rebel without a clue" philosophy for the false promise of writing advertising jingles. A little bit of a clever turn to the conclusion. Still, this is pretty bland stuff for most of the half hour.