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Green acres cross plots

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    Can you remember an Green Acres cross plots, or even cameos? How about in the other direction?
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    It's been two years since you posted this, but I'll just hope you are still out there when I reply. MeTV network has been rerunning Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres on weekday mornings for some time. BTW, there was an eventual 3-way crossover event with BH, GA, and PJ but let's back up to the first GA season, which was the third PJ season and its first color season. Also, I am old enough to remember this season in first run. I remember toward the start of that season, Bea would do a short ad introducing Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as the stars of Green Acres, which would be a sister show to PJ. MeTV is presently rerunning that third PJ season. I caught the first few shows the other week. In I think the first show Betty Jo runs into the Shady Rest and tells the others about two people who just got off the train. It turns out to be the Douglases, who want to stay at the Shady Rest while some last repairs are made to their new farm. The hilarious exchange "The Haney Place?" occurs. The GA and PJ dogs even meet. The PJ dog, later to play Benji in the movies, recoils from the fancy perfume that the prim and proper GA dog is wearing.

    I caught the first few GA eps awhile back on Hulu. I remember I think in the second GA ep Lisa was still staying at the Shady Rest while Oliver and Eb worked on the house. Kate told Lisa a story on how she gave up a career in show business to marry her late husband. Later, however, Uncle Joe reminds her that taking tickets at the Pixley Theater was not exactly show business.

    There were several GA-PJ crossovers in that first season when both overlapped. Among those, Mr. Douglas served as a judge for a spelling bee when Bobbie Jo and Selma Plout's daughter became the finalists. Selma felt that Mr. Douglas, being educated and a newcomer, would be an impartial judge. I'm not sure if it was that season or a year later, but Eb appeared as a guest at an all night party for Betty Jo and her college friends.

    The 3-way crossover took place 3 seasons later, when Granny came to the Shady Rest to help care for Betty Jo and Steve's newborn baby. Soon afterward the entire BH cast joined GA-PJ for both Thanksgiving and Christmas crossovers. The BH Christmas episodes were run during last Christmas week. They were very enjoyable. In the Thanksgiving episode, Jed says grace over Thanksgiving dinner. He gives thanks for all the friendships, the new baby, etc. When is the last time any character prayed in a present day TV show? The closing credits of that BH episode were not the usual goodbye waves, but a still picture of the combined casts at the dinner table, with an instrumental version of the closing theme song. BTW, this had to have been a very difficult time in real life for all the casts, as Bea Benadearet had just passed away. She played Cousin Pearl on the first season of BH and then Kate on PJ.

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