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Kate's Fate

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    [1]Sep 5, 2011
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    Bea Benaderet sadly died of cancer in 1968, and June Lockhart was added to the cast, probably to maintain a maternal influence. It's been a long time since I've seen any episodes from around that time, so I was wondering, was Kate's disappearance ever explained?

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    [2]Sep 6, 2011
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    I'm relying on my memory from 40 years ago, but I remember Uncle Joe reading a letter from Kate (I'm not sure if Bea did the voice over or it was a sound alike) but she had to race off to take care of someone. It might have been a been a sister. I her being in such a rush she could wait for the Cannonball, so she hoped on one of those railroad pump vehicles (the ones with the see-saw with handles that you pump up and down) and went racing down the tracks. That's all rather vague, but they did explain her departure.

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    [3]Jan 3, 2012
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    There was 1 episode where Kate Bradley returned home after being gone for a long time. She was getting treatment after she was diagnosed

    with cancer. She was only in one more episode then she passed away in October of 1968. Under the discussion Kate Fate.

    jaynashvilposted that

    he was thinking back 40 years in regards to what happened to Kate in the series. He said he remembered

    Kate heading out of town on a hand pumped railroad car. Kate actually was headingto the hospital because Betty-Jo was about to give birth

    to her baby girl Kathy Jo. They used a stand-in you never see Kate's face all you hear is her voice and see the back head of a blonde

    stand-in. After the actresswho played Kate Bradley passed away she was only mentioned twice it was shameful. She ws the whole show. It is

    shameful how they forgot her or never mentioned her again like she never existed. The show was cancelled april 1970

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    [4]Jul 26, 2012
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    I just started watching this again on Me TV. I started in the middle when I found it and just got up to Betty Jo and Steve getting married so kate is still on. I however did find myself wondering the same thing about Charlie (Smiley) and why they didn't really say anything other than Flloyd making one comment about how he liked to pretend Charlie was still there. It isn't often I say this but at least TV today is better about this type of thing. If someone dies in real life they acknowledge it in the show and dedicate an episode to them. It was kind of like Charlie was there one day and then a few episodes later that one random comment.

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    [5]Jan 3, 2015
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    I can't bring myself to watch the later seasons for fear of Kate Bradley not being there. She's the reason I love the show! It's so sad that Bea Benaderet died so young and during her run with the character that Paul Henning created just for her. RIP Bea

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