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Worst Episode(s) Of Petticoat Junction ever

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    What would you pick for worst episodes of the entire series?

    Here Are Mine:

    THE GLENN TINKER CAPER-A weak and outright putrid attempt at being "topical" Vietnam?! What the Fudge?! Really! Might work for ROOM 222 but is totally out of place with this type of fantasy type rural sitcom series.But fortunately the terrific episode THE TENANT followed.

    LOVE REARS IT UGLY HEAD-Touch therapy? holding hands with your feet? Another awful attempt at trying to reflect the time. Petticoat Junction was a FANTASY show, and just like "GLENN TINKER" this is just out of place.

    THE CHRISTENING- The ending(with Steve singing "The Lords Prayer"!) felt like a drama more like LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. A bad episode overall anyway.

    Now what are YOUR worst episodes of this series. As for my BEST, well there's just to many to name.

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