Petticoat Junction

CBS (ended 1970)





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  • Petticoat Junction was one of the "rural" shows of the 60s,about life in a small town hotel,and featuring the manager Kate,her daughters,and Joe Carson,the lazy uncle always trying to get out of work.It harkens back to a simpler time.

    Back in the 60s,CBS had 3 rural shows from the same creator,The Beverley Hillbillies,Green Acres,and Petticoat Junction.I always liked Petticoat Junction the best,because it seemed to be the most down to earth.The Hillbillies seemed to deal too much with broad stereotypes,and Green Acres was just too wierd.(Today,revisionists will tell you that it is off the wall and brillant,but I still think its just wierd)On Petticoat Junction,the stereotypes arent as broad,and while Uncle Joe couldve been just a stereotype,I thought Edgar Buchanan was brillant at making the character lovable.Of course,theres Bea Beneredet,whom Paul Henning actually built the show around.Beneredet was a veteran of many radio shows and voice overs,and of course,Burns and Allen,but here she really gets to shine.In fact,she was so important,after she passed away, the series lost something.Nothing against June Lockhart,but it just wasnt the same show.As far as potraying small town life,only Andy Griffith did a better job at showing it in such a charming way.I can understand why CBS cancelled it when it did.Can you see this show on the same night as All in the Family,or MASH?But looking back,with all the edginess and one-liners in sit-coms,I kind of miss the simplicity of this show.At least its still around in reruns.