Petticoat Junction

CBS (ended 1970)





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  • A Family Show For All Ages

    Watching early episodes of Petticoat Junction now after 40 years have passed it's hard to imagine that Hollywood actually produced a sweet, homey program like that. What's more, the show had a Nielsen, (comparable) rating of over put in perspective Seinfeld only garnered an 18 in their best season. We still laugh at the gentle humor and enjoy everything about the show. Being from West Virginia I grew up with people exactly like Uncle Joe, Kate, Charlie and Floyd, and Sam Drucker. The scenery and even the railroad and hotel had identical counterparts in our area of the country. I encourage all youngsters to watch shows like Petticoat Junction because, though campy, they do give a glimpse of our recent past. This generation doesn't know what it's like to hear a steam whistle moan on a clear night from a freight train on a crossing. Many don't know how it is to grow up with loyal friends who stop by anytime for a meal or chat. So watch Petticoat Junction and enjoy seeing our country as it once was; free from government regulation, fascist politicians and secret police watching our every move. "Forget about your cares, it is time to relax at the Junction!"