Petticoat Junction

CBS (ended 1970)





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  • Come ride a little train that is rolling down the tracks to the junction, Petticoat Junction!"

    This show was somewhat corny but cute. It caught my attention and I had to watch it. My favourite season was the last one where Betty Jo and Steve got together and had Cathy Jo. There were so many cast change overs it was hard to keep up with them. Uncle Joe was always played by Edgar J. Buchanan. The late great Bea Benedaret played "Kate," who ran the hotel. The daughters were "Billie Jo," "Bobbie Jo" and "Betty Jo." They had a pet dog on the show, do you remember the name of the pet? They named the dog, "Dog." How silly! Of course there was also "Sam" who ran the store and post office. We must also make mention of the Hooterville Express, the train. A lot of the story was told in and about the train. Yes, I guess you can call it a hillbilly story, they were friends with the gang from Green Acres probably Beverly Hillbillies too.