Petticoat Junction

Season 7 Episode 8

Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 1969 on CBS



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    • (While Billie Jo is trying to give Claude Tweedy a flu shot, she rubs an alcohol swab on Claude's arm)
      Claude Tweedy: What's that there stuff?
      Billie Jo: Alcohol. It sterilizes the skin. Gets rid of all the germs.
      Claude Tweedy: Alcohol does all that?
      Billie Jo: That's right.
      Claude Tweedy: I'm glad to hear that. My pappy's got the healthiest stomach in the whole county.

    • Dr. Janet Craig: You mean you're gonna let me give them their flu shots?
      Jasper Tweedy: Just trot out your needle. Got every Tweedy from the ridge out here.
      Dr. Janet Craig: Oh splendid. How many would that be?
      Jasper Tweedy: Claude, how you doin' with your countin'?
      Claude Tweedy: I counted my fingers and my toes, twice already.
      Jasper Tweedy: That's 15, right there.
      Dr. Janet Craig: Oh, at least.

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