Peyton Place

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1964 on ABC

Episode Recap

After calling him for an emergency visit, George Anderson lets the Mike Rossi in. He says that Julie fell down the stairs and that he carried her to her bedroom, since he just couldn't leave her on the floor "like a rag doll". Rossi tells him that he shouldn't have moved Julie at all. Betty comes in and George tells her that Julie will be okay. He downplays the extent of Julie's injuries. Later on, Dr. Rossi comes down the stairs and tells George that he has given Julie a sedative and that George should bring her to his office tomorrow. George complains about all the bad luck that he has had lately. Rossi is annoyed and

points out that it was Julie, not George, who fell down the

stairs. Betty looks on, ashamed. At the Book Gallery, Constance is selling a few books to Catherine Peyton Harrington when George Anderson comes in whistling and looking for something funny to give to Julie. He

eventually purchases a book entitled "The Sophisticates". George complains to Catherine that Rodney dumped his daughter, and "broke her heart". Catherine says that she couldn't care any less about this news and leaves George dumbfounded.In his office, Rossi talks to Julie Anderson. He shows her an x-ray of her hands. They talk about Betty. Rossi asks Julie if she

thinks that George needs "professional" help. She tells him that George is just angry. Rossi assures Julie that he wants to help the Anderson family in any way he can. George gives Julie the book that he just bought for her. He says that he's sorry, can they please forget what happened? Still in his office, Dr. Rossi talks to Laura, who poits out that this provincial town must be very different to life in the big city, since here, any little event is everybody's business, for good or bad.Mike goes to visit Connie and he meets Allison. After she leaves, he asks Connie her why she came to his office, to talk. Constance is

rather evasive. Rossi tells her he doesn't want her to try to shut him out of her life, he wants to be her friend. Back home, in her upstairs bedroom, lying on her back in bed, with her

long blond hair flowing, Allison is listening to a long-play album of "Romeo and Juliet" and reading as the phone rings. She runs downstairs to the living room to answer it. It's her friend, Abby Chapman, calling to hear all about her date with Rodney Harrington. Allison says she's going on a second date with Rodney, probably to the Shoreline Cafe, a local teen hangout. Constance comes in the front door so Allison ends the call. Leslie Harrington comes home to the mansion as Rodney is preparing for his date with Allison. Upstairs, they discuss the other evening when Rodney went up to Leslie's office and saw him kissing Julie. Rodney informs Leslie that Betty's

father, has just driven up. Leslie goes downstairs. Norman asks Rodney what is bothering him. Rodney tells Norman that George has come over to talk to their father, that George is back from a sales trip. Norman tells Rodney that he overheard about Leslie kissing Julie. Downstairs, Leslie wants to talk business, but George wants to talk about his daughter, Betty, and his wife,

Julie. George asks Leslie to put off the Detroit-Cleveland sales trip for a few days. George tells Leslie that he would like to take Julie with him on the trip. Leslie says that he needs Julie in the office. George says, "I need her, too, Leslie." Leslie says that he will think it over.

From their upstairs window, Rodney and Norman observe

George Anderson as he leaves.