Phantom 2040

FOX (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Whole Truth
      The Whole Truth
      Episode 17
      Once and for all we finally experience the whole truth about the night the train wreck ruined Grand Central Station and the Phantom and Max Madison Sr. were killed - from no less a source than Max Madison, Sr. himself.
    • Moments of Truth
      Moments of Truth
      Episode 16
      Gorda and Rebecca fight over Rebecca's smuggling of yellow roses. Why would the all-powerful head of Maximum, Inc smuggle in flowers that can be grown right here in Metropia? Meanwhile, Sparks' ignorance of geography leads Kit to enrolling him at the University.
    • The Furies
      The Furies
      Episode 15
      Fissures in Gorda and Rebecca's "partnership" provide an exploitable weakness - but who is exploiting it, and why?
    • The Second Time Around
      When the Phantom stops a crime in progress, the criminal surprises the Phantom with an unexpected sigil, and leads Kit into the first-ever "Virtual Reality" excursion into the Phantom Chronicles, where he enters and interacts with and changes an action-filled story of the 20th Phantom.
    • Rogue
      Episode 13
      Heisenberg returns, still acting as a Biot Messiah, but this time he's branded a Rogue Biot and Max, Jr. is out to reclaim his lost property. Meanwhile, Jak becomes more aware that Pavlova has become more aware...
    • The Sacrifice (2)
      The Sacrifice (2)
      Episode 12
      Kit's continuing search for a way to save his father leads to some interesting revelations about Max Madison Sr., Mr. Cairo, and the 23rd Phantom, and puts Cairo in the worst danger he's ever encountered. Meanwhile, the Madisons and Gorda continue wreaking havoc while Rebecca attempts to put a "positive spin" on their scheming.moreless
    • The Sacrifice (1)
      The Sacrifice (1)
      Episode 11
      Kit and his friends return to his lair and find the mysterious message left by Kit's father, as the Madisons scheme to escape the dome with the assistance of Gorda (who may or may not be helping...). However, when Kit has to choose between the life of a person he loves and the life of Metropia itself, how does he decide?moreless
    • The Sins of the Father (2)
      Having been convinced by his friend Guran to go to Africa, his ancestral home, Kit finds deeper truth than even he imagined in the Phantom's fight for justice through the ages. Meanwhile, the truth behind Max Madison, Sr.'s original plan and the cause of the train wreck are revealed and lead to a shocking conclusion -- and the beginning of the Maximum Era.moreless
    • The Sins of the Father (1)
      Many major plots reach a crescendo pitch as Sagan regains consciousness and her relationship with Kit is finally resolved, more truth behind the Sector Zero crash and many of its ramifications is revealed, and the Maximum Era counts down to launch.
    • Matter Over Mind
      Matter Over Mind
      Episode 8
      The truth behind the origins of Cairo and the contents of the train wreck that destroyed Sector Zero may destroy the Phantom and his friends -- one way, or another.
    • The Woman in the Moon
      An intercepted shipment of cloned hands being sent to the orbital platform has the Phantom intrigued and sends him on a space-hunt as the orbital platforms vote on whether to form their Free Orbital Nation.
    • The Ties That Bind
      Rebecca launches what may be the first physical attack in her bid to begin the Maximum Era by destroying Dykstra Platform, home of Sean 1. Meanwhile, Max finally is lured out of VR and Pavlova cannot take working for Dr. Jak anymore, exercising her free will to resign. Vaingloria joins the Maximum security force as Sagan is knocked into a coma.moreless
    • Sanctuary
      Episode 5
      When the Egyptian Queen Nia returns to defeat the Phantom, she brings along ace marksman Gunnar to assist. However, while they hunt him in the Ghost Jungle, Gunnar cannot pass up the chance to hunt the rare, supposedly nonexistent Shadow Panther. Meanwhile, Max, Jr. remains blissfully trapped in VR - and Rebecca schemes to coax him out of his reverie by giving Baudelaire the boot...moreless
    • The World Is My Jungle
      A "retrospective" show, bringing you up-to-date on the goings-on in season 1
    • Rite Of Passage
      Rite Of Passage
      Episode 3
      A "retrospective" show, bringing you up-to-date on the goings-on in season 1.
    • A Boy and His Cat
      While testing his VR-controlled remote-control biot, Max gets trapped in his VR world; as Rebecca hires an annoying genius to work from Maximum's end, the Phantom works from inside VR to help get Max out before his remote biot wrecks Metropia. But does Max *want* to get out?
    • Control Group
      Control Group
      Episode 1
      Rebecca's further experimentation with downloading human consciousness into biot bodies leads her to try a daring move: using Graft as a test case, she attempts to effectively "clone" her security chief into dozens of biot bodies. But when the Phantom grabs one of the new Graft-biots he gets more than he expected, as he's able to watch Graft's personal memories and see how this former hero became indentured to Maximum Inc.moreless
  • Season 1