Phantom 2040

Season 1 Episode 8

Ghost in the Machine

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1994 on FOX

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  • A good episode that delves into the sector zero crash.

    The episode starts with Max Jr, having a dream about his childhood his father. Kit is in a similar situation inside the VR room of the lair, looking at footage of himself as a toddler with his father, this is interrupted by a newsflash from Dr. Jak who reports that Rebecca Madison is missing! Rebecca is actually busy uploading her husband (Max senior's) brain patterns into a biot. Kit investigate further, but Sparks jeopardised everything when he goes on a solo mission and accidently runs into the biot of Max senior. Max is confused as he finds that he no longer has control over Maximum inc, and his wife is now the CEO, in his anger max seniors biot takes Sparks hostage and confronts Dr. Jak. Showing himself at the press conference where Dr Jak and Rebecca are talking to the press, Phantom saves Sparks and Max senior takes Max Jr. hostage and remembers some of the events of the sector zero train wreck, at the site of the accident Phantom confronts him, a battle ensues and the Max senior biot destroys himself.