Phantom 2040

FOX (ended 1996)


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  • phantom 2040 review... a unique show that was underestimated

    main I loved this series because everything about it was weird in a unique, compeling way.

    Firstly when i watched the original first episode i was unsure about the animation, i thought it was too unwatchable,
    but sure enough the next week i watched (because nothing else was on) the next installment and found it(the animation) no so bad- and more watchable.

    then there was the shows premice, that it was set in the future... i hadn't seen anything like this when i was a kid it was awsome with the back to the future/jetsons flying hover-vehicles.

    there was the hidden meaning in the story. for instance the treating of the robots/biots like slaves and workers, was an echo of society from a few centuries ago. and then there was showing the human side of robots by having
    the fractal a shape-changing, half human biot that could show emotion (almost like data from star trek)

    then the use of characters themselves. the cast had quite a large number compared to other standards, all of each would all have a positive or negative effect on the hero (Kit/Phantom

    stories i found to differ from week to week, some were fantastic, most were above average, and a couple were poor.

    this is what i think now after watching them again recently
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