Phantom 2040

Season 2 Episode 17

The Whole Truth

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1996 on FOX

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  • WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS>>>>> A bit of a let down for a last episode... but they didn't expect to get cancelled so it's not really their fault:) all of the characters get their story arc's finished and rounded up and a major back story is reve


    Max inc biots are dueling for no reason with the enforcers, but all this is a diversion. Rebecca sends out a computer virus to Phantoms computer and this means his father who is on life support is in danger of dying. Phantom decides to go to max inc and to steal technology to transfer his fathers memories and brain to to a master computer (like Max senior) Max senior and phantom run into each other and max sr. leads him out of the facility to confess that he and the phantoms father were actually friends and worked together on trying to save the city, also revealed is that it was Rebecca that caused the train wreck (that killed both max & Kit Senior) by plying the two of them against each other and then lied about it and corrupted her data files, Max sr. is shot by Graft and injured but then Graft is shot by Phantom and falls into a river and drag away by the currents. phantom backs up his fathers memories and brain patterns and as he does the phantoms father life support crashes. then because he is injured Max sr. asks Phantom to shut him down for good. SPOILERS.

    To wrap it all up Rebecca is sent to jail for her crimes.
    Max is sent to a mental institution.
    Graft is never heard from again after falling into the river.
    Gorda is sent back to Australia.