Phantom Quest Corps

Season 1 Episode 1

Kiss Of Fire

Aired Unknown Aug 25, 1994 on A&E
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Kiss Of Fire
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    Wendee Lee

    Wendee Lee

    Ayaka Kisaragi (English version, credited as Wendee Day)

    Melissa Fahn

    Melissa Fahn

    Nanami Rokugou (English version)

    Rica Matsumoto

    Rica Matsumoto

    Ayaka Kisaragi

    Kotono Mitsuishi

    Kotono Mitsuishi

    Nanami Rokugou

    Kazue Ikura

    Kazue Ikura

    Mamoru Shimesu

    Kouichi Yamadera

    Kouichi Yamadera

    Lt. Kouzou Karino

    Bambi Darro

    Bambi Darro

    Additional Voices

    Guest Star

    Yuka Koyama

    Yuka Koyama

    Makiko Mizuno

    Guest Star

    Julie Maddalena

    Julie Maddalena

    Makiko Mizuno (English version)

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • How does the fight that happens between Ayaka and Dracula damage Tokyo Tower above the Panorama Room? Most of Dracula's attacks tore up the floor. If there was more evidence of Ayaka and Dracula tearing up the superstructure, I might believe that the steel/iron was compromised, but what we are shown is a crumpled top of the Tower.

      • Typo: a book shown is titled "Draculra."

      • Makiko's cross also had a Star of David inscribed on it. Either she believed in either or she was wearing it as a "fashionable" accessory. If Makiko believed, either symbol of faith should've at least slowed down the old vamp.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Ayaka: Rancid, parasitic monster of the world, walking dead who tortures the living, the president of Phantom Quest Corp has arrived- ayaka Kisaragi. Prepare to meet your doom!

      • Suimei: Cross my palm with silver first.
        Ayaka: We can settle our accounts later.
        Suimei: We both know my motto, don't we?
        Both: No money, no credit, no fortune.

      • Ayaka: (bursting into Tea Room Transylvania) Alright! Even if you don't play by the normal rules of vampires, picking up on young girls in broad dayli...

        The tea room full of young women look on confused.

      • Tea Vampire: Yes, that's right! (pounds fists on countertop and leans over to Ayaka.) But they can't just be young- they must be perfect! (Growls) They must be young and beautiful and elegant and perfect and precious and delicate- like this precious tea cup! (snuggles tea cup with cheek) Yum! Yum!

      • (Tea Vampire falls down during struggle with Ayaka.)

        Ayaka: Hey, what's the matter?
        Tea Vampire: I've become anemic recently.

      • Tea Vampire: Well, she is my type!

    • NOTES (6)

      • Ayaka's Red Dragon SpiritCapture Star Sword transforms from/ is hidden as a normal tube of red lipstick.

      • Pujiya Cakes & Desserts is the shop where Lt. Karino buys some pasteries for Ayaka and Mamoru.

      • Tea Vampire only drinks 200ccs of blood four times a year. 200ccsis close to a cup, so he is drinking a cup/16 tablespoons of blood four times a year.

      • Mamoru sets four alarm clocks on Ayaka's bedside table (round, square, bear, and lamp) and twenty-three on the floor around her bed.

      • The officer looking for Lt. Karino calls him Assistant Lt., apparently his formal rank in U Division.

      • Found on Mamoru's database:
        Blood Types:
        Mr. Karino- C
        Rokkan- A
        Rokkan- Exorcisms
        Suimei-Chi Force; also knowledgeable about Western astrology and esoteric Buddhism, and the ability to locate good or bad spirits.

        Employee Numbers:
        Mr. Karino- 1051

        The amazing bit of information you can glean is that Ayaka has at least three hundred eighty-five thousand, one hundred thirty-two subcontractors/ temp help/coworkers!

    • ALLUSIONS (3)