Phantom requiem ending!?!?!?

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    at first i thought what a beautiful ending really good, then out of no where he is shot dead?? what the f**K is that about?!

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    I like to think that they just couldn't run away anymore and they refused to kill another person... theyfree themselves of this primitive desire to survive that turned them into soulless killers. The questions that came to mind for me at the end were... how far should one be willing togo in order to survive?Did thatextreme desire to live make them strong... or weak?

    I believe the ending was designed this way for a reason. It's up to the viewer to make their own sense of it because there is no definitive answer, and for some reason... I kind of like it this way.

    Honestly though, the thing that really pissed me off about this show was Reiji killing Cal...

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