Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2007 on NBC
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The remaining 6 contestants are introduced and 2 of the 4 who performed in the first week of competition are eliminated.

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  • Mind Freak becomes Fallen Angel

    This show had some fairly impressive feats, most notably was the man who stopped his heart. Despite the impressive performances, Criss Angel ruined the show with the most unprofessional display I have seen from a reality show judge. It involved Jim Callahan, the gentleman who used the spirit of a dead man to help him predict some secret information. Fellow judge Uri made some fair remarks about the performance, but Criss called it comical and said he did not believe a thing. That would have been fine in and of itself; he's the judge, and should be able to give his opinion. What he did next made me lose all respect for the "Mind Freak". Holding up an envelope, he goaded the performer into telling him what was in the envelope, for which he would get $1 million of Angel's own money. This prompted the performer to get in Angel's face, calling him a biggot. The two men had to be pulled apart from each other.

    What made this especially upsetting for me is that Angel came into the show with his mind made up, and intentionally set out to publicly humiliate Callahan. Excuse me Mr. Angel, but that is not your job or responsability. Yes, you can have your opinion and criticize the contestants to your fullest, but you took this to a new depth. Even notorious bad-mood judges such as Simon Cowell (American Idol) and Piers Morgan (America's Got Talent) do not go out of their way to humiliate a contestant by planning ahead of time to mess them up. For some reason, the show lost alot of its steam from this diplorable incident. Criss Angel, you are too full of yourself.moreless
  • Really surprising episode.

    If this was a normal episode I would not review it but it is pretty exciting. So first we get some fun stunts, life-deciding ones at that. But what got me to review this episode was the contraversy between Criss Angel and a contestant. The contestant finished his performance and was out of breath after letting a dead spirit come into his body. Criss said that it was "comical" and that sparked the contestant. Criss then asked him to say what was in the envelope that Criss held up and the contestant walked toward him. Criss then stood up and Uri and the host had to seperate them before they went to a commercial. They came back soon after and both were cooled down. Also that night a man stopped his heart and started it back up again. A very scary and life threatening stunt. He did it and surprised a bunch of people especially star, Raven, who jumped out of her seat.moreless



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Shandi Finnessey


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    • Criss: (About Jim's performance) I just think it's comical, quite frankly. Um, before I even move ahead here, I'll invite Uri, and your friend, Raymond, right now; I have two envelopes here, I will give you a million dollars of my personal money, right now, if either one of you can tell me specific details of what' don't tell me about the energy or that... (Jim interrupts him)

    • Uri: (About Jim's performance) Jim, your display of supernatural powers is very controversial, but very convincing. I want to believe there is a Raymond on the other side. Besides, there is a flare of honesty about you that brings credibility to what you say. Very interesting act.

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