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  • I like it.

    To all who think Phenomenon was a waste of time: It was one of the greatest shows I ever watched. Yes, mentalism does get old if driven to the ground. However, the contestants did a great job in keeping the atmosphere fresh. There is only one trick in which I was able to know which jar was the one. That was the one when Eran Raven got his hand bitten... which he did to prove that he didn't know. I respect the risks these mentalists take in order to accomplish what they have set out to do. Also, when Jim Callahan got into a fight with Criss(Not Chris) Angel, it was all Callahan. All Angel was doing was giving an honest, respectful critique packaged with a challenge. He wasn't mocking Callahan in any way. Callahan just took it out of context. I do believe Callahan's act. Actually, I believe that it wasn't an act, but it was real. I also believe Guy's act when he stopped his heart, because the heart monitor used was not bugged. If it was, you would be able to tell just sitting on your couch in front of the TV. Another point: The celebrities on the show were not guest judges, but rather assistants in the acts. I know who most of them are and I am happy they had them there. The show was NOT a complete waste of time869. I would like it to come back on the air. Downgrading Phenomenon is exactly like downgrading American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Many people do and yet they are still on the air. Why couldn't Phenomenon get a second season?
  • Original idea, but boring and repeated.

    I always wanted to see a reality show like this, because I believe that we all have magic inside us! However, this show proved me wrong! It gave me the feeling that everything was prearranged and I didn't like it at all. Especially the set up fight between Criss Angel and a contestant was so fake that it didn't convince anyone. Uri Geller and Criss Angel aren't very good in their part and their role is limited. Finally, none of the contestants make me believe that has a real psychic ability cause every trick they performed was easily perceptible.

    Α promising show that remained only in the promises! I liked the idea but that's all!
  • Magic is the topic of this talent search, and magic is what it is lacking.

    I know that in today's world, TV executives are going to take every popular TV show and beat it to death, trying to get a new angle on it. Phenomenom takes the Reality Competition to the magic level, having mentalists compete against each other for the grand prize. While it seems promising to beging with, the dullness of the show really hits home fast. Using supposed celebrities (Raven was the only person who I knew who she was), they try to dazzle us. While many of the acts are impressive, the time it takes to go through an episode is boring with all of the babble. I also have to admit that the biggest disappointment for me was Chris Angel. He came across as a self-righteous, arrogant jerk who was only there to stroke his enormous ego. Of course, this is a guy who claims to be the next Houdini, so I am not surprised. I especially hated the time when a man communicates with the dead to perform a trick. The other judge, Uri Geller, who seemingly did not believe that his trick was "real" still treated the contestant with respect and gave him a fair critique. Angel on the other hand, seemed to take delight in mocking the guy, and actually goaded him into a fist fight. Not the kind of TV that I think does this soceity proud. I lost alot of respect for Chris Angel. I won't want to waste my time or money on any of is performances. If he can't do his job and provide honest and fair critique, then he has no business being a judge on this show.
  • Getting really old, really fast.

    The show started off alright. You had some good acts in the first episode...and then it all started going downhill.

    Every act is just a variation of the previous one. Yes, we know that you can get the audience to "somehow" choose the number of your choice. Yes, we know that you can figure out which nailgun/pot/box/whatever is safe. And yes, we know you wouldn't be on the show if you couldn't somehow get a volunteer to write down exactly what you want them to.

    At the end of the day, any one of these performers may put on a great show on their own, but when you make them compete, they just run out of original acts.
  • Great show

    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
    Great show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybodyGreat show, very nice. would recommend to anybody
  • Why does everybody hate reality TV so much nowadays.

    I really like most reality TV shows. I enjoy American Idol, On The Lot, Canadian Idol, and a couple more, and I think that Phenomenon is an amazing show. I, personally, like this kind of show. Mind tricks are always entertaining to watch. Phenomenon combines realiny TV with awesome mind tricks, I can't find one problem with that! I hope that this show lasts for a long time because I really like this show. I especially like the tricks that involve near death situations because I always wonder how they know what to do if they want to live. I don't understand why people don't like this show, I really don't. I recommend this show to all reality TV lovers (or, at least not haters).
  • The only phenomenon about this garbage is its lasted this long.

    The only phenomenon about this garbage is its lasted this long.
    "Celebrity" guest judges?
    Where who what, didnt see any.
    Ross mathews IS not a celebrity.
    T his show is more boring and phonier tha an off
    road NASCAR race.
    Let Ross put his hands in with the snakes.
    In the immortal words of Don Imus, it cant suck enough.
    Wonder if my radio friends Don and Mike have discussed
    this show on the air interesting.
    NBC at this junture of televising needs credibility
    it lacks that and has a credibility rating of -9 on a
    scale of 1 to 10.
    There are maybe three good shows on NBC at the current
    In closing I rarely watch NBC now.
  • Criss Angel and Uri Geller are the judges as several eager acolytes compete to see who will be the next great illusionist.

    Criss Angel, of "Mindfreak" fame, and Uri Geller of spoon-bending 70s legend, invite a number of competitors to determine who among the newcomers has what it takes to follow in the masters' footsteps. Criss Angel can make it look like he didn't just get run over by a train; Uri Geller, well, hide your silverware. (Notice that he's neatly sidestepped the issue of how neatly his own claims to skill were dismantled by the Amazing James Randi, who is not on this show, but that's another story.) If you're sick of just another lukewarm crime show ripoff, give this new series a try. It's odd, certainly, but it's a lot of fun.
  • All in all, if you are quite pleased to watch poorly executed performances that are expected to amaze, then watch. however, if you have any logic in your mind, you will find the show dull and tedious and not worth your time.

    Poor quality so called "phenomenon" displayed on live television is a big flop and a disgrace to the stage performance industry

    If this is your idea of good television, then continue to be 'dazzled' by this joke of a programme. The acts are poor, being quite easy to decipher how the "mind reading" is achieved.
    For instance, in the third episode where one of the performers tells the audience that he has 10 beakers of hydrochloric acid, one of which is substituted for water. He then proceeds to go along the beakers one by one to distinguish which are hydrochloric acid by placing metal in them and watching the corrosion of the acid. This is simply 10 beakers full of water, with him placing a piece of alkali metal into it, to make the reaction. Not the kind of performance that will keep you on the edge of your seat if you have any sense in your head. The only way that this type of performance is possible is through the audience believing what they are told by the performer. If he was to get 10 coins from the audience and to drop them into the "acid" and they were to react, this may make it more realistic, as the so called acid must actually be acid in order to react with them.

    Another thing I have to say was a rather hilarious disappointment, the supposed "mind reading" of Uri in the second episode where he got everyone to choose the correct planet was nothing to do with mind reading, and all to do with mathematics, and has been used for years. The trick can be performed by anyone. It really is just rubbish, and you would expect far more from someone with his "abilities".

    I did admire Wayne Hoffman in this episode for showing exactly how it was that he was able to manipulate the celebrity guest into drawing an image that he has chosen (Ying Yang symbol), but also showed that it is nothing phenomenal, just your subconscious picking up on words.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a great enthusiast for stage performance with illusion, but 9/10 performances are just a mockery of that. I did however enjoy the performance of Guy Barvli where he had "stopped his heartbeat". It was a great spectacle to watch, and a great tribute to the performance first shown, with the inclusion of a heartbeat monitor to add to the effect.

    All in all, if you are quite pleased to watch poorly executed performances that are expected to amaze, then watch. You may even get to see one good performance throughout the series. However, if you have any logic in your mind, you should be able to work out all of their supposed mind reading skills, and will find the show dull and tedious and not worth your time.
  • Johnny Carson busted Uri Geller decades ago. If he's the only "mentalist" they could get to judge this show other than Criss Angel then that speaks volumes to why this show is so horrible.

    Criss Angel's outburst while challenging one of the contestants is a huge indicator that this show is not working. Criss know's how all of these "tricks" are done. So it's really the acting and showmanship that is being judged.

    Uri Geller is a fraud who tried to pass spoon bending as reality in the 70's. Whatever genius producer thought it would be a good idea to resurrect this guy needs to get a job as a deckhand on the Titanic.

    Some of the performers are actually interesting and a couple of the tricks have been pretty entertaining. Overall however, it's painful and repetitive.

    This show needs Penn and Teller and maybe a little David Copperfield to add some comedy and a little criminal intrigue to the mix.
  • Mildly interesting and funny.

    I only saw the last part of second show. From what I saw it is geared toward magicians and magic and severely skeptical,
    as it should be, of anyone claiming the supernatural. As such, I always like trying to know how the trick was done which makes it entertaining for me. Personally, I wish I knew about the show ahead of time as I have somethnig very intereresting no one else has. An they need this review to be at least a 100 words...Good for you Chris Angel, the guy had it comin....He acted like he was from a bad B-movie.
  • One of the best shows out there. This show really captures my interests in mentalism and i love that these people get to show what they've got and let people know that this stuff is real.

    The show I would have to say overall is good. Maybe not everybody is good but the people who are really belong there and i think this show is a good chance for them to let people know who they area and what they can do. I have been waiting for a show like this, i couldn't ask for better judges my heros and insperations Uri Geller and Chris Angel. Its everything i love packed into one big hour long show. Watch it if you like it great if you don't well im sorry to hear that but my hopes for this show are for it to keep going and stay on the air.
  • Pure Garbage. Watching Uri Gellar critique magicians is like watching Jerry Springer critique Shakespeare actors.

    Chris Angel "jumps the shark" on this show. Who would think to pair a cutting edge magic rock star with Uri Gellar, a 4 decade "never was been" with a freakish trademark glare is the true mystery on this show. I grew up in family of magicians so I can appreciate the talent behind a seamless performance. This show is so poorly conceived on the premise that this is not just magic, but true paranormal ability, that it takes itself too seriously. Dark lighting, an audience that is really discouraged from applause. You may as well watch it with the sound off. And spare me the background pieces on the contestants as to what drives their inner spiritual abilites to defy mortal constraints.

    Most of these guys are merely doing parlor tricks that have been around for years. Very little originality. Why does Uri Gellar need to be performing on stage between acts? I thought this was a competition. It is laughable to see him critique the originality and state presence of these contestants and then get on stage and watch his geekish mind bending stares into the camera as he performs a 30 year old trick to guess which shaped figure we will choose. How do we know his prediciton was correct? Internet polling of course in which his choice was validated by edging out the other 4 shapes by a mere few tenths of a percent. Now that's Phenomenal. You may as well have Jerry Lewis judging a shakespeare festival.

    I don't remember Paula Abdul getting on stage between contestants on American Idol to ensure she can self promote herself. That would be embarassing, especially since most of the contestants could out-sing her any day of the week. Unfortunately, Uri Gellar's handlers did not have such success in reigning him in. He chooses to mystify us each week with one of the lamest segments of magical display I have ever seen. They may as well have Uncle Bob get up there and do card tricks he learned as a kid from a magic kit.

    Uri again performed a trick on stage on October 31st in which the 9 planets in our solar system are pictured in a circle and we are to select a planet randomly and then start counting clockwise from the top planet (arranged like a clock face on screen), one move for each letter in the name of the planet. Then wherever you stopped, you then counted out that planet's name. He left the picture on screen so long, it only took me a minute to determine that no matter which planet you originally picked, after the second planet was spelled out, virtually every combination landed you on the same planet. Big deal!! And this guy is looking for the next Phenomenon??? I'm embarassed for Chris Angel as I can only hope that he envisioned a much more significant show when he signed on. The October 31st episode included a bizarre channeling act in which a David Hasselhoff-esque performer had a near epileptic seizure on stage while channeling with some obscure deceased writer only to then write "backwords" (again a phenomenal feat) as to which of 100 objects was selected back stage and locked in a box, as chosen by a juvenile and extremely naive That's So Raven- Raven Simone. The performer falls out of the chair onto the floor from sheer exhaustion after the paranormal experience and Raven looks like she just saw a ghost. Of course, Uri thought this was a magificent performance and was "on the edge of his seat". Thankfully, I gained a lot more respect for Chris Angel following this pitiful performance when he actually laughed at the guy and then challenged both the performer and Uri to guess what he had written on a piece of paper. If they could, he would give them $1 million. The contestant was livid and I think he upset Uri, although it is hard to know because of Uri's usual freakish stare.

    The problem is that I can't tell if Chris' challenge was a sincere attempt to start to criticize the show for just how bad it is, or if it was just an attempt to boost ratings in a Jerry Springer type play to cause controversy. I would actually respect Angel more if he were to quit the show in protest to just how much of a joke it is. As for Uri, he's a loser through and through and has no business judging anybody. At least they have had one extremely hot assistant on each week. That's about the only reason to watch.

    This show is Phenomenally horrible. Please make IT disappear.
  • Only mildly interesting due to Criss Angel being on the show.

    I loved it when Criss Angel offered the guy who "talked to the dead" one million dollars of his own money if he could tell him what was in the envelope he had. That was by far, the best part of the show since it started. Way to go, Criss! Show him who the Master is. Compared to Criss, most of these people are just awful. However, I was impressed with the guy who had 3:13 on the hands of the audience members and all of his correct predictions - he was the only one worth voting for, in my opinion.
  • Simply put,Chris Angel's attempt to disgrace a fellow performer only served to disgrace him and cost both this show and any other show he is involved with a viewer... me, Houdini would be ashamed of Mr. Angel.

    My review is this. A wonderful show that gives those who struggle in the world of magic/mentalism to strut their stuff to the world. Until last nights abhorent and tasteless behavior of Chris Angel, I was both a fan of the show and of him. My first involvement in this world came at age 4 when I appeared out of my father's oversized black hat instead of a rabbit. I am now 58 and despite not having the ability to perform even the smallest illusion or card trick, I have always gone out of my way to support this brand of entertainment. In all those years I have never met anyone I did not like or admire....until now. I hope all who love magic will abandon Mr. Angel as I now have. Rick Hawkes, Victoria BC Canada
  • Geller Comes Clean ???

    Does this appear to be some sort of public admission from Uri Geller that what he does is simple illusion, only for entertainment? Or is he still banging the drum about his "genuine psychic powers"? If Criss Angel is participating in this show alongside "a true psychic" (meaning Uri Geller) then Angel deserves a smack. I'm still debating about whether or not I should watch this show. I'm afraid that a lot of people, instead of seeing this purely as entertainment, will think that they are watching people that have some "special supernatural gifts", and that will just infuriate me.
    UPDATE - I watched this, and it was basically the "America's Got Talent" template with magicians. Boring.
  • My First Review!

    Well Criss Angel was very QUICK to enter his 'disclaimer' as to why he would be so harsh on the contestants...Because NBC told him to be. But Uri was very appreciative (maybe because he knows what it is like to be proven a fraud) of all the acts that he witnessed.

    In any event the show was basically like I figured it would be, slow and not very interesting. However the Nail Gun illusion was a bit of a "Mindfreak", especially when he asked Carmen four times to repeat the numbers. Tat was the only time he seemed to have some doubt on his face before he pulled the trigger!

    Anyway, if this makes it long enough that we actually see a winner I will not be that shocked, but I would not expect it to be back next season.
  • Competing magicians perform their acts in front of judges similar to all the other American Idol clones. In this case a studio audience is also present.

    I had set this to be recorded, in the hopes that some good magic tricks would be performed, with expectation of being puzzled and would want to go back and slow motion them to see if I could figure them out. I didn't need to bother. The contestants appear to have been specifically chosen to make Criss Angel appear as "phenomenal" in comparison. The performers, their assistants, the judges AND the audience appear notably unenthusiatic. At least in American Idol, they can wash out the whole crop and bring in new ones next week, but it appears that we are stuck with these until the winner is proclaimed.
    My prediction is that this show will disappear in the near future.
  • Nonsense reality show. Pychic powers for real? Like on HEROES? Thats dubious.

    This is all we need, another reality show. This time searching for real psychics. Uri Geller was proven a fraud decades ago and I guess he thinks the world has forgotten about that - I remember his claiming to bend spoons with his mind. Criss Angel is not much more than the new David Copperfield / Houdini - at least hes honest but takes ultra crazy risks and will probably end up like Houdini some day when he pushes the envelope too far. It would have been better just to use Criss Angel and not taint it with Geller. Didnt see much of this - seeing Geller was enough to make me change the channel.

    There are groups offering cash money rewards for proof of ESP/other superhuman mental abilities - to my knowledge no cash has ever been paid out. Therefore show is going to end up being a waste of time.
  • This show is about people who compete to win the title of the next great phenomenon or w/e and so what happens is people perform their tricks and then get judged by Criss Angel and Uri Geller.

    I think this show is a good show for criss angel fans and people who like magic and mind games or even card tricks. I rated it 9 because i have nothing else to watch and this show is interesting for meYou will be amazed at what the contestants do and it will even have you thinking how he did that. I would say,based on what I say today, this show is mostly about people reading / manipulating minds such as example
    the performance where the guy tells carmen electra to close her eyes then he touches himself on his forhead and then asks carmen where she felt someone touch her. He then touched russ an the cheek and carmen felt that as well. And lastly he told russ to touch himself and carmen said she felt something on her nose. Then the performer asked carmen to think of someone touching her in certain spot on her body he wrote that part down and later revealed it
  • I never and never will believe in magic but what I want to know is how their puling all of this off so well.

    This sounds like a very interesting show to me I don't like it completely but enough to like it. I like this show concept it's been a while sense they came out with a show like this. I just hope this show guide gets in some more contributers because I don't think it's getting very much traffic. I'm looking forward to watching the pilot. I don't know how these people of the show do it and it's not magic their is always a invisible rope of something like that. Magic is a myth from the mid-evil times no one lived to tell about it so people just over time magic came into play but their is truly no magic just a myth. Thank you for reading my review.
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