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Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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Welcome to Phil of the Future guide.

Disney Channel's hit series, Phil of the Future, tells the story of the Diffy family, a futuristic family from the year 2121. When the eccentric dad, Lloyd, rents a time machine for their family vacation, everyone is excited. But then something goes wrong. Their time machine malfunctions and they are thrown out of the space/time continuim in the year 2004. The time machine has broken, and Lloyd is having trouble fixing it, so he, his part-robotic wife Barbara, and his kids: fifteen-year-old Phil Diffy (Ricky Ullman) and his thirteen-year-old daughter Pim, the little menace of the family, are forced to live in the past and pretend to be a normal family in the suburban town of Pickford. The only person who knows their secret is Keely Teslow, Phil's best friend. Together they deal with the things that every teenager in 2004 must deal with: school, bullies, significant others, crushes, homework...and then add the Diffys' habit of getting into trouble by using their futuristic gadgets, such as the Wizrd, the Insta-Morph, Skyaks, the DNA Scramber, and much more.

Phil of the Future has quickly become one of Disney Channel's most popular new shows, and is quickly following in the footsteps of their hit shows Lizzie McGuire and That's So Raven. As of October 2004, the show was #1 in its slot among tweens and kids, with roughly four million viewers total per episode.

Ricky Ullman, (Pixel Perfect) Plays Phil Diffy, And Amy Bruckner, (American Dragon: Jake Long) Plays Pim Diffy. Douglas Tuber (Lizzie McGuire) is creator and executive producer of the series. Tom Burkhard and Matt Dearborn (Even Stevens) and Tim O'Donnell (Clueless) are executive producers.

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Tweens, life in a new city, child stars, fresh faced teens, cool gadgets