Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 16

Age Before Beauty

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • Keely steals Phil's new ager and uses it to become her beautiful 25 year old self, but then gets asked out by their Mr. Hackett.

    This one's my favorite because Keely tries to make herself more beautiful by becoming older and I think it worked on Phil because he was staring at her like he wanted to marry her! It gets kind of weird in the end, though when Phil accidentally makes himself 75 years old and pretends to be her boyfriend. I still think the part where Keely makes herself older and prettier the best. Though, it's not smart to do it in the school where anyone could have seen it. And what if the New-Ager broke? She would be stuck that way! Anyway, this one is my favorite episode and i hope other people think that too.
  • ehhh... Not my favorite.

    When Keely uses the new ager to see what she'll be like when she grows up, she gets asked out by Hackett, which causes a chain of mistakes. Meanwhile Pim works with Bradley on a food review for Chef Dupree.

    I don't know, I just didn't really like this episode as much as others. It was cute seeing Phil and Keely older, but still... Then the whole thing with Pim I thought was just rather stupid. I don't like Bradley... But Lana was hysterical, she was probably my favorite part.

    I am a huge fan of Phil of the Future, this episode just didn't seem up to par.
  • Keely uses charms to get Phil to use his new gadgets for her, and ends up using his New-Ager to see what she\'d look like at 25, but gets asked out by Vice Principal Hackett.

    This is one of my favorite episodes in the series, Alyson Michalka always does an amazing job with these kinds of episodes. Keely steals Phil\'s gadget and makes herself 25, but then gets asked out by Vice Principal Hackett, who just went through a \"serious\" break-up. Phil and Keely come up with a plan to get Keely out of the date without making Vice Principal Hackett any more depressed, so Phil uses his New-Age to turn 25 although he accidentally becomes 75. Keely and Phil come up with things to say to make Vice Principal Hackett comfortable and end up getting him back together with his ex-girlfriend. I like this episode because it shows that Phil and Keely are much more mature than it seems, although nobody sees that.