Phil of the Future

Season 1 Episode 16

Age Before Beauty

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 12, 2004 on Disney Channel

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  • Keely steals Phil's new ager and uses it to become her beautiful 25 year old self, but then gets asked out by their Mr. Hackett.

    This one's my favorite because Keely tries to make herself more beautiful by becoming older and I think it worked on Phil because he was staring at her like he wanted to marry her! It gets kind of weird in the end, though when Phil accidentally makes himself 75 years old and pretends to be her boyfriend. I still think the part where Keely makes herself older and prettier the best. Though, it's not smart to do it in the school where anyone could have seen it. And what if the New-Ager broke? She would be stuck that way! Anyway, this one is my favorite episode and i hope other people think that too.