Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 22

Back to the Future (Not the Movie)

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 19, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Back to the Future (Not the Movie)
Phil and Keely finally become a couple. Though Lloyd has all of a sudden fixed the time machine, now it's time for the Diffys to head back home. It's Keely's worst nightmare when she realizes Phil is leaving for real.

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  • There is a Season 3 coming!

    This episode wasn't the series finale, it was the season finale! I know this because on the summary page of this show it says the status is that it's on a hitius. On a summary page of a show that had a series finale it says the status is it ended. Season 3 is coming!
  • I am going to miss this show!

    Disney had cancelled this show: Phil of the Future! I love this show lot. Phil and Keely never had a chance to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But they did kiss!! Phil have to go back where he belong in the future. It is way it is. I am starting to get disappointed because disney channel starts to not air this show anymore. Anyway, this show is one of best show ever I watch. It is so Comedy (funny). Pim is also great character! Phil, Keely and Pim are one of my favorite characters in shows from Disney Channel. I am miss this show! This Show is best one ever I watch!moreless
  • A painful to watch episode on so many levels.

    When scoring this episode my original thought was to put it at a 1.0. Slowly, I realized this action would be in response not to the episode but to how long it took the writers to get to this point.

    There are two types of good shows:

    1) Those with a good initial plot that use the same standard outline each episode

    2) Those willing to evolve their plot line.

    Stargate is an example of the later (#2). Unfortunately, Phil of the Future has been one of the former shows.

    As I was watching the show, I realized with the "career day" episode, Phil is suppose to be a senior (or at least a junior). For him and Keely to just now becoming boy and girl friend seems strange compared to real life. (Note: the local ABC broadcast channel showed the career day episode the same weekend I saw this episode.)

    I decided on a 9.7 score by ignoring my feelings of

    1) Sadness over the show coming to an end,

    2) How the writers have been so short sighted,

    3) How short sighted ABC is by cancelling this show.

    ABC should renew the show and allow its plot lines to develop and evolve over time.moreless
  • Phil and keely are voted cutest couple and decide to start dating. But that day Mr. Diffy fixes the time machine. phil promises to coem back and visit but finds out that its aganst the law,so if phil leaves he'll never see keely again.moreless

    oh my gosh!!!!!! the first time i watched it it brought tears to my eyes!!!!!!! but i cant believe that they didnt give the show a proper ending!!!!!!! i think that phil and keely do make the BEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!! on DISNEY!!!!!!! anyway this is exactly why i watched the show!!!! i always wonder if they'll go back and rescue curtis!!!!!

    i personally think that pim should have kissed lil' danny good-bye..........

    i mean the diffy's will never see anyone from the 21st century again.......

    but anyway the show was amazing all around and this episode was definitely my favorite!!!!

    please reply!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • perfect

    in the series finale the diffys are ready to go back to the future, just as phil and keely become a couple at school. can phil and keely get through this, with them knowing they may never see each other again? meanwhile, the diffys have left, but need to go back to our time because they forgot curtis. will they end up staying once they get back?

    good episode, the ending confused me when i was younger but now i consider it a great episode and an OK series finale, and so because of this it gets an A+ from memoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Goof: When Pim wants to go see the time machine leave her mom says no. She also says that you shouldn't be near a time machine when it goes into flux. However, Keely was right near the time machine when it took off for 2121 and she seemed just fine.

    • Goof: When Keely is doing the announcements the day the Diffy's leave, it shows the students in the hallway watching. Vice Principal Hackett isn't with them. When the Diffy's go back in time so Phil can say goodbye, it shows Vice Principal Hackett watching the news with the students when Phil and Keely kiss.

    • Goof: When Phil comes back from talking with Keely, Lloyd goes "now we are going to get in traffic". That is incorrect because they leave the same time they did last time because the time they talked and kissed, is the same time it took her to run for Phil. They tried to put in another joke but it was wrong. The time portal runs on its own time, it doesn't matter what time you leave on earth time, what matters it the time portal's time.

    • Goof: Keely says she doesn't want her first kiss to be in front of the entire school, but Phil turned off the camera. So if the camera was off why would it be in front of the entire school.

    • Goof: In episode Team Diffy, Lloyd states that when a time machine takes of there would be an orange light and a sonic boom. In the episode back to the future there is neither.

    • The new time traveling law shouldn't exist, due to the fact that even though the Diffy's were stuck in the 21st Century, once the time machine was fixed, they should have been able to get back at the point when they left, before anyone in 2121 knew they were gone.

    • Goof: When Principal Hackett is watching the TV screen of Phil and Keely kissing in the school hallway, he has headphones on his head and a small satellite dish in his hand to possibly hear the TV. But why would he need these when the sound on the TV is loud enough and he is the one that is closest to the screen than the other students?

    • Goof: When Phil and Keely are kissing, he puts his arm around her waist. Cut to a far away shot of the TV, his arms are down by his side and Keely's hand move up to his shoulder. Cut back to the studio and his arm is back around her waist. When they pull out of the kiss, Keely's hand is on his cheek, but it hadn't been there before.

    • Goof: Pim calls "shotgun", yet there is only one seat in the front and that's for the driver.

    • Lloyd also mentions that he's taking back lobster. His reason for this is stated in Time Release Capsule when he reveals that lobster are extinct in the future.

    • Goof: In the time machine, when Lloyd is shown from the front he's wearing his seatbelt. When he's shown from the back, he's not.

    • Goof: When the Diffy's are getting ready to go back, it shows them all buckle their seatbelts.The next time it shows Phil, he's not wearing his.

    • This episode ends on a cliffhanger with the Diffy's going back to the 21st century to get Curtis. But we won't know if they will stay or not.

    • It turns out that Lloyd knew how to fix the time machine but stalled on fixing it because he loved living in the 21st century so much.

    • Phil and Keely have their first kiss.

    • Phil and Keely become an official couple in this episode.

    • The laws of time traveling has changed because of the Diffy's getting stuck in the 21st century. Once they go back to the future they can't come back to the 21st century. This law is called "Thanks to the Diffy's"

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Keely: (on the morning announcements) Good morning. Here's today's daily headline munchie. I'm Keely Teslow. The top story, the results are in, the yearbook voted. May I have the envelope please? (Phil runs on camera with the envelope and hands it to Keely) In the category of best dressed....the winner is.....Donnie Ron Con Commo. Congratulations Donnie. Best dressed....Archer Slickman. Cutest couple.....Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy...WHAT THE!?!?!?! (Phil and Keely both have confused and shocked looks on their faces.)

    • Curtis: Hello? Anybody home?

    • Keely: (speaking to the camera after kissing and saying good bye to Phil) In uh.. in other news... oh, we all know nothing's gonna top that. (throws her papers in the air)

    • Pim drops her hammer
      Pim: Okay, who else used the coconut excuse? (Barbara points to herself and Lloyd) too.

    • Barbara: Phil we have great news!
      Phil: So do I. Keely and I are... together.
      Barbara: Oh honey, that's so wonderful...(hugs Phil) a horribly, sad, and heartwrenching way.
      Phil: What do you mean?
      Pim: We're going home Ace! Still up for that hug?

    • Keely: Phil, do you know how many times the "time machine" has been "fixed" by your "dad".
      Phil: Why did you put air quotes around dad?
      Keely: Did I? Eh, sloppy finger work.

    • Phil: Well, I gotta go. My dad's waiting in the time machine. (realizing he's still on TV) Time Machine ride at the Amusement park!!!

    • Keely: "I can't not say goodbye to Phil"

    • Keely: Cutest couple: Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy...WHAT THE?!

    • Keely: (seeing Phil) Phil! You're still here! Does that mean you're not going?
      Phil: No, no I'm still going.
      Keely: Oh...
      Phil: I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye for real.
      Keely: Good-
      (Phil kisses her and everyone cheers)
      Keely: (stops kissing Phil) Bye.

    • Keely: (whispering in his ear) In the future will you wait for me?
      Phil: Really? 'Cause won't you be really, really old?
      (Keely gives him a look)
      Phil: But that shouldn't matter. See ya, Pepper.
      Keely: See ya, Salt.

    • Pim: Boo-hoo, Phil's gonna miss his girlfriend, wah, wah, wah. (laughs then pauses) Wow, I think I hate myself.

    • Phil: I mean, it's for real this time, the time machine's really fixed, for real, really, my dad tested it and we're going home.
      Keely: Oh. When are you leaving?
      Phil: Tomorow morning at 8:30. My dad wants to be in the 8th dimension by noon to beat time traffic.
      Keely: Phil, we finally get to be a couple and then, like, a day later you're leaving?
      Phil: I'm sorry. Keel, Keel...
      (Keely gets up and leaves)

    • Phil: Ah! Isn't everything more colorful today?
      Barbara: Phil, we've got some great news!
      Phil: So do I. Keely and I are together.

    • Phil: you wanna be a couple???
      Keely: (quickly) No.
      Phil: (confirming) No.
      Keely: Do you?
      Phil: Nooooo.
      Keely: (shyly) Yes.
      Phil: Yes???
      Keely: I do.
      Phil: Me too!
      Keely: Yay, we're a couple!!!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Keely: The cross-country team was found at the Canadian border after taking a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

      This is a reference to a Bugs Bunny bit where upon surfacing in the wrong place, Bugs says "I knew I shoulda' taken that left turn at Albuquerque", or some variation thereof.

    • When the Diffy's are getting into the time machine the first time, look closley in Pim's hand. There is a painting. The painting is (hopefully) a copy of The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

    • Episode Title: This episode is also the same name of the Back to the Future Trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.