Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 22

Back to the Future (Not the Movie)

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 19, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • There is a Season 3 coming!

    This episode wasn't the series finale, it was the season finale! I know this because on the summary page of this show it says the status is that it's on a hitius. On a summary page of a show that had a series finale it says the status is it ended. Season 3 is coming!
  • I am going to miss this show!

    Disney had cancelled this show: Phil of the Future! I love this show lot. Phil and Keely never had a chance to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But they did kiss!! Phil have to go back where he belong in the future. It is way it is. I am starting to get disappointed because disney channel starts to not air this show anymore. Anyway, this show is one of best show ever I watch. It is so Comedy (funny). Pim is also great character! Phil, Keely and Pim are one of my favorite characters in shows from Disney Channel. I am miss this show! This Show is best one ever I watch!
  • A painful to watch episode on so many levels.

    When scoring this episode my original thought was to put it at a 1.0. Slowly, I realized this action would be in response not to the episode but to how long it took the writers to get to this point.

    There are two types of good shows:

    1) Those with a good initial plot that use the same standard outline each episode

    2) Those willing to evolve their plot line.

    Stargate is an example of the later (#2). Unfortunately, Phil of the Future has been one of the former shows.

    As I was watching the show, I realized with the "career day" episode, Phil is suppose to be a senior (or at least a junior). For him and Keely to just now becoming boy and girl friend seems strange compared to real life. (Note: the local ABC broadcast channel showed the career day episode the same weekend I saw this episode.)

    I decided on a 9.7 score by ignoring my feelings of

    1) Sadness over the show coming to an end,
    2) How the writers have been so short sighted,
    3) How short sighted ABC is by cancelling this show.

    ABC should renew the show and allow its plot lines to develop and evolve over time.
  • Phil and keely are voted cutest couple and decide to start dating. But that day Mr. Diffy fixes the time machine. phil promises to coem back and visit but finds out that its aganst the law,so if phil leaves he'll never see keely again.

    oh my gosh!!!!!! the first time i watched it it brought tears to my eyes!!!!!!! but i cant believe that they didnt give the show a proper ending!!!!!!! i think that phil and keely do make the BEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!! on DISNEY!!!!!!! anyway this is exactly why i watched the show!!!! i always wonder if they'll go back and rescue curtis!!!!!
    i personally think that pim should have kissed lil' danny good-bye..........
    i mean the diffy's will never see anyone from the 21st century again.......
    but anyway the show was amazing all around and this episode was definitely my favorite!!!!

    please reply!!!!!!!!!!!
  • perfect

    in the series finale the diffys are ready to go back to the future, just as phil and keely become a couple at school. can phil and keely get through this, with them knowing they may never see each other again? meanwhile, the diffys have left, but need to go back to our time because they forgot curtis. will they end up staying once they get back?

    good episode, the ending confused me when i was younger but now i consider it a great episode and an OK series finale, and so because of this it gets an A+ from me
  • This was a great episode Pheely fans got everything they wanted....but whats a finale without drama.

    Pheely fans got everything they wanted...They are a Couple, They Kissed, The salt & pepper when they are apart means they are suppose to be together, The "will you wait for me line"..........

    But they needed to end with a cliffy...when they reversed to go back and pick up Curtis did they stay or did they pick him up and continue on?

    That makes those other things seem like nothing if they end up going back to 2121. :(

    Hopefully, they stay and phil and keely can continue a normal relationship and not a 116 year distence relationship. lol.

  • The best episode.

    they finaly get to be a couple and phil has to leave it was sadning.I love this show I wish it came back and make more episodes. this episode was touching the actors were great i remimber the salt and pepper shakers they kissed in front of the hole school this show is one i will tresure and remember my hole life it is one of my all time favorites this show beats playing vidio games watching movies listening to music and reading books it is speicial in all sortes of ways thats my report on this episode good day bye
  • Phil and Keely become Pheely just as Lloyd fixes the time machine.

    Ok...I don't really like POTF that much. But when I used to I downloaded this episode at all. The end was just sad. I didn't like it at all. Shouldn't the series' finale make a little sense and please some people? I know this review is short but there is nothing much else to explain except that this episode was very stupid and didn't make sense to me.
  • This epiosde was awsome. My favorite part in this epiosde Keely announce that people vote them for best couple. Keely and Phil are cute couple they shouldn't be couple long time ago. It was sad that phil have to leave. i hope they give 3rd season.

    This epiosde was awsome. My favorite part in this epiosde Keely announce that people vote them for best couple. Keely and Phil are cute couple they shouldn't be couple long time ago. It was sad that phil have to leave. i hope they give 3rd season. Too bad that phil of the future got ended. This is the best epiosde in Phil of the future.
  • This is the episode that doomed disney! NO MORE PHIL OF THE FUTURE! NO SPIN-OFF, NO MOVIE! Grrrrr!

    Disney Craps now... and this is one of the reasons why! Dey have forgotten Mickey Mouse and put it in2 Playhouse Disney! Phil of the Futre was short-lived... but it was sucessful! i hate disney 4 dis! It is the good ones that are short and the crappy like That's so Raven and Zack and Cody that are long! Even the crap at Nickelodeon is better than this! Even Pokemon is better than this! Hannah Montana Sucks... Big Time! Suite Life is good, Kim Possible is good, The Emperor's new school SUCKS! I'd waatch Dora rather than those crap! Curse you Disney!
  • Phil and Keely FINALLY become a couple, but when Phil and his family are leaving for real, it has to be two days after they become a couple that he has to tell Keely about the fixed time machine!

    "Revealing" because they are now a couple, heartwarming because they are now happy even though Phil and his family are leaving, and "Tearjerker" because Phil and his family are leaving. Say that five times really fast in a row and see what it feels like to have to catch your breath by just saying something. I love this episode, my favorite one, actually. It's so cool that they are now a couple, even though Pim fixed the time machine. My favorite part was when they kissed twice. Usually, in shows, they only kiss once, but Phil kissed Keely twice. It was also really funny, heart warming, and sad when Phil and Keely said to eachother:

    Keely: (whispering) Phil, in the future, will you wait for me?
    Phil: (whispering) Are you sure, 'cause you'd be really really old.

    (Keely looks at Phil with a small smile)

    Phil: But I'm sure that won't matter then.

    Wasn't that part of the episode sooo romantic???


    :) :) :)
  • I love this episode! It's so sweet and so sad.

    Phil and Keely start dating on the day Pim fixes the time machine. Phil tells Keely and she gets real sad. Keely decides not to say good-bye to Phil because it would be too painful. The family gets inside the time machine and Keely realizes that she can't not say good-bye to Phil so she runs over to the time machine but she was too late. Phil told his dad to go back to when Keely is doing the morning announcements. Phil goes in just when Keely realizes that she can't not say good-bye to Phil. Phil runs in and kisses Keely. This episode is sad because Phil goes into the future without Keely. The family realizes that they left Kurtis in the present so they go back. I hope that they stay in the present or take Keely to the future with them. Keely could live in the present until they invent the a future gadget that could make the younger or older, like the new-ager. Keely could use it to keep making herself younger until Phil is born and grows up to how old he was in the present. He could see Keely again and they could be together again.
  • phil and kealy turn into phealy!

    I think that this episode was great i'm sad to say or type that it is the series finale but it mite not be if we save it anyways when i saw keely trying to get phils attention before he goes back to the future and she did not catch him so she was sitting on the grass crying i was also crying then when phil came back and kissed keely i was like OH MY GOSH! why is he still leaving! and when phil and keely first got to together in this episode i was so happy well that is my review you can tell that i like this apisode a lot!
  • Cute and Sad

    This episode was cute and sad. It was cute when Phil and Keely became a couple and kissed. It was sad because Phil had to go back to the future and him and Keely were only a couple for one day. In this episode, Phil and Keely finally became a real couple after being voted for cutest couple in school. Everything goes wrong when Lloyd fixes the time machine for real and now the Diffys have to go home for real. This was suspposed to be the series finale but it might have a chance of one more season just like Kim Possible did.
  • A very special episode and series finale of one of Disney's last redeeming points...

    The final episode of Phil Of The Future. This is a sad episode because it marks the time right before the downfall of Disney. Now shows like 'The Replacements' and 'Emperors New School' will destroy Disney. Another sad thing is, is that this show was one of their most popular yet it ends so early! It didn't even reach 65 episodes like most Disney shows do! This show, one of the last good things on Disney channel, was a very special series. A series that was deemed 'special' and 'popular' and it ends with them leaving forever. I still have a false hope that they will be convinced to restore the show, but I know that this won't happen.

    To get on with the review. In this episode Lloyd, well actually Pim, fixes the time machine. Phil comes home from school after officially becoming a couple with Keely. He then find out that they will be leaving the day after tomorrow. Phil goes to school tomorrow and breaks the news to Keely that he is leaving, for real, this time. Later that night while eating dinner, Keely comes to say goodbye. Phil asks if she will be coming to say goodbye in the morning, but Keely says she'd rather not.

    Later that morning they are about to leave, and at the school Keely realizes she can't just forget about Phil. She goes down to try and get to him but she just misses him. Phil begs Lloyd to go back. So they do and Phil goes to the school and talks to Keely. Keely asks if Phil will wait for him Phil then says he will wait for her. They then notice they are still on camera after Phil talks about the time machine. Phil quickly states the time machine ride at the amusement park. Phil then says goodbye to Keely and leaves. They then have to go back one more time to get Curtis, who they forgot about.
  • WOW!!!!! This episode was better than my favorite episode of my favorite show, The Suite Life!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW!!!!! This episode was better than my favorite episode of my favorite show, The Suite Life!!!!! Basically, this episode is about Phil and Keely finally become a couple. Though, Lloyd fixes the time machine for real and the Diffy`s are heading back to the future. When Phil tells Keely, she says yeah right because his father has fixed the time machine a lot of times. When she finds out for real she is very upset. Now the Diffys are in the time machine. When they are already travelling Phil asks to say good-bye to Keely. Now Phil goes into the school where Keely is broadcasting her morning news. Then they kiss in front of the screen. Then Phil goes back to the time machine and they are headed off to the future. Now everyone says Oh-No because they forgot Curtis. Overall this episode was fantastic and it was also kinda funny and sad.
  • Wow, not too many POTF episodes really made me cry... Was this, like, the series finale?

    Wow, I watch a lot of shows with platonic* couples, but I never really thought of Phil and Keely getting together. This was a really sad eppie, will Phil come back? Talk about cruel! *sigh* Teen love. They say it never lasts. Will Pim return to continue her attemps for global domination? And, honestly, how could you forget to bring Curtis? Was this the series finale? Cuz no one told me about that. Oh, cruel fate! Why must you mock me?

    *note to reader: I\'m not too good at spelling. If you see (*), then I probably spelled the word wrong.
  • Phil and Keely finally become a couple by accident. Llyod has finally fixed the time machine, with some assistance from Pim. Keely is upset (and so is Phil), that right after they get to become a couple Phil has to leave.

    This episode was probably the best out of them all. It is so ironic. How Phil and Keely become a couple. Apparently the whole school thought Phil and Keely should be a couple, because they all voted them cutest couple. It is also ironic how Pim fixes the time machine. Although really Lloyd knew how to fix it all along but didn't want to. Maybe he too wanted Phil and Keely to be a couple. It seems Phils whole family was waiting for it to happen. I was so happy when Phil and Keely kissed. It was what I was waiting for ever since the series started. It's too bad this is the last Phil episode. SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!! SAVE PHIL!!!
  • Phil and Keely hook up! But it doesn\'t last long..unfortunately.

    I really liked this episode, even though Phil leaves. That's the worst thing that could of happened! It's pretty much like they're hooking up and breaking up in the same day. Anyways... The salt and pepper thing was ADORABLE! And it was hilarious how she walked down the hall in slow motion and stuff. I wish they could of been together for more than one episode. Near the end when the Diffy's leave (the first time) and Kelly comes running for them, I almost cried! It's a good thing Phil came back to 'say goodbye'. I love how they kiss! Finally at the end, Curtis is eating chicken. WHAT?! Very unsatisfying ending. Anything more of a cliffhanger? Don't think so. I can't believe they\'re trying to substitute this as a series finale. Hopefully there are more Phil episodes to come.
  • OMG, could this be any sadder!?!

    Really, could it be!?! This show was such a tearjerker. I'm sure Phil felt the same way. I happened to first see this episode in late September or early October, but still, how could they just end it like that!?! With Phil just leaving . . . I know Phil still kissed Keely good-bye, but still, it just didn't feel right. The creators should of made this a two-parter or three-parter. I mean . . that was a sad ending, though in a good way. But Phil of the Future could do better than that. Once I started watching it, but I couldn't stop!!! Meanwhile, does anybody know when the 3rd season is coming?????
  • One of my favorite episodes! This episode was sad and funny at the same time.

    Phil of the Future is one my favorite shows on Disneychannel and I loved this episode! Phil and Keely go out, but then Phil finds out that the time machine has been fixed and they're going back to the future. It was funny when the whole family gets caught trying to destroy the time machine for Phil. Phil and his family leaves, but he decides that he needs to say goodbye to Keely. So they go back and Keely and Phil share their first kiss in front of the camera which the whole school is watching. After Phil gets on the time machine and starts going to their home, they realize that they forgot Curtis! and that's how the episode ended. I was kind of sad that this is the last new episode they will air. But I heard that they were making a Phil of the Future movie. So I'm looking forward to that.
  • Aww, this episode was so precious! I just loved it.

    This episode was so adorable, funny, and sad. I really liked it. This is definatly my new favorite episode, until I find out what really happens! I can\'t wait for that. Yay! It made my heart go \"Aww...\" cuz I\'m just a sucker for these romantic things. :) I liked it when they held hands and tried to get out of the room. And when he tried to kiss her the first time, but yeah, it didn\'t work out. And of course the last kisses...aww so cute. :) They\'re just a cute couple, and I can\'t wait to see what happens in the future!
  • Omg i dont really like this show but with the episode with phil and keely it makes the show exciting!

    I really like this episode because i think its sad and happy. they shoudnt end this show. they shout show more episodes were phil goes to the future and keely goes to the future but doesnt know. a guy takes her to visits and thays how she get there or make up something like that. i really like this episode. it was the best one of the whole season, its the best one they have show. that one and the great hreat great grandpa one were cool. i think this episode made phil of the futue a success. i really liked this episode!
  • This episode was sad in a happy sort of way!

    Keely is readng the news on the school's news thing and she reads off a thing that that says Cutest Couple: Keely Teslow and Phil Duffy. Keely and Phil talk about if they want to be a couple and they both admit that they do. It is really funny to see them hold hands and try to leave through the door. Keely bought engraved picture frames, but they ended up being alt and pepper shakers. Keely and Phil both took a shaker and they said whenever they saw one they would think of the other person. Lloyd fixes the time machine for real this time. It ended up being that he knew how to fix it all along which I thought was really funny. Phil tells his family that he and Keely are a couple and then his mom tells him they are leaving the next day. Phil says goodbye to Keely and Keely says she doesn't want to be there when they leave because it would be too hard. Phil and his family leave, but he can't stand the fact that he didn't get to said goodbye to Keely so he makes his dad go back. Phil walks into the news room right as Keely is doing the news. She asks if he is staying and he says that he didn't want to leave without saying goodbye for real. Then Phl kissed Keely and they said goodbye. Phil got back on the time machine and they started to head home. After a while Pim, Phil, and Barbara all said uh-oh. Then they showed a scene with their house and Curtis was saying "anybody home?". The show ended with them turning the time machine around to go back and get Curtis. Two of my favorite quotes are:
    Phil: Well, I gotta go. My dad's waiting in the time machine. (realizing he's still on TV) Time Machine ride at the Amusement park! Keely: Cutest couple: Keely Teslow and Phil Diffy ... WHAT THE?!
  • OMG it was sooo sad!

    OMG I literally cried. It was soooo sad! I luved that they finaley kissed, but y did Phill have to go back home!?! It's so not fair! But, I luved the episode still. I hope they have new episodes. I want Phill to go back to Keelie now!!! I was so sad after this... y can't these kind of shows have happy endings?!?!
  • Heartwarming episode to cap off a great show

    Ever since I realized that the show was on haitus I wanted to see this episode.After watching it I find that I'm satisfied with the way the story "ended".We get to see Phil and Keels become the most adorable couple since Kim and Ron(from Kim Possible of course).We realize that Loyd knew how to fix the time engine the entire time.And we learned that Pim actually has a heart.Not to mention that Phil and Keely share their first kiss together.I find it very possible that the show could continue.We never see them get back to 2121......
  • I nearly cried!

    **Warning! Big Spoilers! Do not read unless you want this episode to be ruined for you!**

    Phil and Keely become a couple, but at the same time, Lloyd fixes the time machine. So Phil tells Keely, and she's heartbroken. It's clear that none of the family members want to go back (Coconuts?!?!)but they still do. Phil shows up on Keely's news show and they kiss, "to say goodbye for real." Then the family goes back to the future (and forgets Curtis) and that's the end. I nearly cried. I hope they'll make a movie, because it was such a sad way to end the series!! !
  • Phil and Keely finally become a couple, but will time tear them apart?

    How can they cancel such a good series so soon?! And at such a time?!
    Well, I loved this episode. Extremely cute. It took the two of them long enough to finally get together and now they are being separated by the fact that Phil is going back to the future.
    I hope that Disney reconsiders their decision about cancelling this show.
    In this episode, I think Pim becomes a better person. She actually feels bad about saying Phil is leaving his girlfriend (Keely).
    Also, I liked how Lloyd liked this century. He seemed so innocent in this episode, I thought it was cute.
    Well, my advice: See this episode, it rocks.
  • Cancelled WAY too soon!

    There's an annoying tradition on network TV with cancelling hit shows at the height of their popularity and leaving on shows with low ratings that no one watches. I never would have figured Disney Channel to start that habit. Disney used to have such high standards, but it's rapidly crashing by elimating its top-rating series and broadcasting toons lacking in its usual high-standards. "Phil of the Future" is one of the series being forced into early premature cancellation. Once one of Disney's most rated series, this "goodbye show" seems hastily pieced together and ill-boding with unresolved expectations and a poorly-executed plot as Phil and Keely finally resolve their feelings for each other and then are cruelly and sadisticly wrenched apart. This is an insult to the fans that made this such a hit show. If Disney was truly on the ball, they'd continue Phil for three more seasons; there's so many concievable plot lines from the show's premise that has never been explored!
  • Possibly the last episode.

    I loved this show from start to end, and now it ends. Phil nd his family go to the future, Keely and Phil finally "Kiss" and The show is now possibly Ended/ Cancelled. I loved this show from start to finish, and I still enjoy watching the Re-runs. See you in my next review!
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