Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 17

Broadcast Blues

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • All High School Students Should Watch This Episode.

    When no one watches Keely's investigative reports show Pim comes to the resuce by offering to help make her popular amongst her viewers again but Keely realizes that Pim is just abusing her to make money and goes back to making "real news" with Phil. I know for sure teens in high school don't care about dirty mop water, but they should. Because students should care about their enviroment, because if it's dirty than thats saying the STUDENT is dirty for not caring, because theyneed to clean about a mop. However, I think this episode was cool, because it showed a lot about reality.
  • My favorite episode of one of my most embarrassing shows I watch

    I will never admit that I watch Phil of the Future to anyone ever. Usually I find the show to be over the top, ridiculous, and contrived. This episode was all of these things and more. But there were moments in here that just managed to crack me up. there is a quote, I am pretty sure that it\\\'s in the quotes section for this episode, it goes something like \\\"Keely has a nose for news...\\\" and it was just such a classic example of something cute that Phil would say that I had to laugh. I found the plot of Pim taking Keely under her wing like a mother bird hard not to enjoy.

    Overall one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Yay for Disney Channel!!

    This episode really show'd how the characters interact with each other. The chemisty between Keely and Phil is really coming out. Pim is trying to stay in the middle of it but, what can you do when two kids are in love. Not the best show they have done yet, but it's only a kids show and is still a wonderful way to spend a half hour!
  • Do-do-do-do-do-do-do! It's time for Keely's Corner!

    Undercover Keely. Pim is going to take me to the top next. Although nothing really happened in this episode, we again get to see how manipulative Pim is. It was amusing to watch as Pim constantly used Keely to advertise Pim's kooky item ideas. I loved Keely doing that do-do news caster thing. Keely is on to bigger things! Go Keely's Mom! Woot!
  • Great Keely and Pim episode

    This was one of the funniest episodes. It had me laughing out laugh (which I usually reserve for really good Raven episodes). I've noticed a shift on the Disney channel lately. The amount of "adult jokes" or content that may go over kid's heads, has been showing up more frequently. Like with "Broadcast Blues", I felt like Pim was Keely's pimp (which made me appreciate the character of Pim more) and on Raven, just the amount of mumbled curse words and different slang words that some people may not recognize.. If the Disney channel continues with great episodes of Phil of the future like this one, I'm sure the show will become an even bigger hit than it is.
  • Good episode with some funny moments.

    I liked this episode. Disney channel is definitely getting braver with their adult jokes. There were some moments when I actually said to myself "Did they really just say that!?" Like when Phil lets Keely pick a topic for her show and the topic she picked was "Are cheerleaders skirts too short?" Phil goes off to investigate and she finds that all of the cards said that! Haha, wow, Disney.

    The bloopers at the end were also really funny.
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