Phil of the Future

Season 2 Episode 15

Christmas Break

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Dec 02, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Flashback evidently to Christmas 2003 and the first time Phil met Keely.

    This episode first aired on 2 December 2005, but Phil discusses a time before the Diffy family was stranded in 2004 Pickford. So while the setting is likely Christmas Eve of 2004 (otherwise it originally aired 22 days early), the flashbacks are clearly to Christmas of 2003. A very sweet story of the first time the family visits 21st century Pickford and how Phil meets Keely the Yuletide Star Princess. It explains not only why the Diffy family is stranded in Pickford, but why in "Future Jock" Pim refers to Keely as "Little Miss Sunshine." One of my alltime favorites!
  • Christmas!

    This Christmas episode is about phil and his family getting stuck in Christmas, 2003 and when they decide what mall to go to they flip a future coin but, it rolls around and lands in the middle of Keeley's shoe she picks it up and leaves! To retreive it Phil and Pim follow her and they end up in H.G. Wells cafeteria and steal the coin but Pim and Phil start a fight over the package with the yueltide star in it and it breaks! To fix that Phil goes back in time and takes it before it breaks again! Will Phil fix it? This episode is great!
  • The Diffy’s accidentally stop near Christmas, 2003 and decide to go to the mall to shop. Keely picks up a coin they dropped and proceeds to school. Phil and Pim must retrieve the coin. Phil helps Keely by rescuing the Christmas star from breakage.

    “Christmas Break” may have two meanings. First, the cast may have been going on break after the episode was finished (the next new episode does not air until January), and second, the Christmas star, in Keely\'s care, keeps breaking.
    This is a prequel to the first episode “Future Tutor”. Phil is attracted to Keely, not just for her appearance, but for her good deed. She, barley notices him.

    Unfortunately, this episode has several flaws relating to time travel and the show’s continuity. Since Phil and Pim visit the inside of the school before “Future Tutor”, they should know the proper dress and behavior. Keely sees Phil (in his future uniform) at the Christmas tree lighting but does not recognize him in “Future Tutor” even though it was probably less than a month later. Further, Keely is not part of a clique in this episode. She also seems more mature. The biggest time travel flaw is when Phil removes the box with the intact star so that he can replace the broken one. Where did the broken one come from? If Phil removed the box, there would be no star to break and she would be looking for it instead.
    The episode also had a glaring flaw in that Phil and Pim were as good as invisible at the school. They would have stood out in their uniforms; especially when there were two Pims and three Phils. This episode was definitely a Pheely episode (like the finale) with dressing (story of buying the house) on the side. I rated it 9.8 because despite the flaws, it furthered the “Phil of the Future” storyline and the Phil / Keely relationship.
  • It messed up the show really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This messed up the show because at the begining of the tv series it didnt mention anything about it being christmas or it didnt show the diffys in caveman suits and it never mentiond them buying the house or going to a christmas thing or a school in my point of veiw it messed up the show really really bad its definly not my faviorte episode I did not like it that much it was kinda funny but thats it I did not like it.
  • ooooh this episode is so sweet, it showed that phil liked keely since he first saw her. and that if she was never there then the diffy's would have never been stuck in the past---maybe that's a good thing they had to stay. my favorite episode!!!!

    ooooh this episode is so sweet, it showed that phil liked keely since he first saw her. and that if she was never there then the diffy's would have never been stuck in the past---maybe that's a good thing they had to stay (for phil and keely at least). but what i dont get is that it was clear that keely also noticed phil i know that i would remember someone like him, because they did very clearly lock eyes and phil did ngive one of his cute smiles. i guess this episode proves that love at first sight does exist, i do love this episode, so sweet!!
  • The reason why I watch this series, and the reason why I thought a lot of cool things could be done with the Phil / Keely relationship.

    I was a fan of the way they touched on Phil and Keely's history before they met with the music box in Time Release Capsule, but this episode blew that away. The beginning material could have served well as a pilot, even removing the Christmas element. This was a perfect way of explaining how the Diffys got to where they are, instead of just starting the series with "Future Tutor"

    The subplot was another odd example of showing how naive Lloyd and Barbara are, and how drastic the change from 2005 to 2121 is supposed to be. Way too many moments of "culture shock", what with diamonds being useless and aluminum being rare... very rapid-fire. Still, not too offensive. The kids just didn't care though. :D

    The only problem is they didn't plan ahead for this and made it seem like Future Tutor was the first time Phil saw Keely. We're supposed to think it's just a memory that was triggered on this Christmas. Though one can argue how he could forget someone like her. There are plenty of inconsistencies between the summer '04 promos, Future Tutor and Christmas Break flashbacks. Forget about it though.

    I can't say enough about how cool it was to see the time travel thing used effectively and not cheesey. The logic of it is a much higher order of thinking, not part of a Disney show, so I'll ignore it. The dialogue and plot points moved very well, and it seemed like a longer episode than normal. Phil's instant puppy love for Keely was endearing, and both of them were portrayed perfect for something this early in the Diffy/Teslow timeline. The lengths Phil went to for something seemingly-ordinary that meant a lot to her were very touching. Repetition was key in this segment, and it really did seem like the star was destined to break.

    The ending is my favorite of the series. Once again I credit Miss Alyson Michalka for the dead-on believability of the story, and for another touching Phil and Keely moment. Something much more obvious and direct, an indirect sign that their relationship can only go so much farther and that we're nearing the end of the series. The best line of the night is when they recount all the events that got them stuck there. When Phil just blurts out "I didn't mean for the whole family to get stuck here" with Keely right there, she gets it, and just reassures him with "maybe it was meant to be." And it seemingly was.

    For being a holiday episode it was empty of those cliched moments that every other series is plagued with. Just a good old fashioned "miracles can happen to anyone during the holidays" reminder without being in the audience's face. The only holiday singalong was a hi-lar-i-ous future christmas tree jingle that is very violent towards kids. Once again, Keely's expressions made it all the more priceless.

    If this is how the rest of the series will be handled, ending it now is a criminal offense. Ricky Ullman and Alyson Michalka just keep getting better and better, and the supporting cast is growing with them. I can't imagine there being a cuter, more bubbly yet incredibly effective actress for a kids sitcom such as this one, than Alyson.
  • Number 1 episode of Phil of the Future! It shows what happened before 2005. A Christmas Miracle Episode!

    If you had a half-hour to watch TV left, I'd watch this episode. It has great laughs and so many connections from 2003 and 2005. It doesn't take as much time in 2005 as in 2003, but still. I like it how Phil has to keep going back and forth preventing the star from breaking. It has some Pheely.
  • OMG!!! This episode was so good I couldn't believe how funny and Pheely it was!!!!!!!!!

    The episode talks about the first time Phil met Keely in 2003. Pim breaks the Pickford Star for Christmas and Phil goes back in time several times to fix it for Pheely. In the end, Keely was like, "That was you?" and they hugged and she whispers in his ear "Phil Diffy you are the best boy I've ever known." IT was soooooo good!!!